Get a hold of 50+ pages dedicated to the growth of your blog

I won’t lie to you — there are a bunch of blog planners on Amazon or Etsy that promise a complete re-brand of your blog, but this one actually delivers the results.

With more than 50 pages dedicated to the CONSTRUCTION, GROWTH and PROMOTION of your blog

and all for $6.99

UBP banner.jpg

This is what you will get:

A Detailed Business Plan

  • Blog Mission and Vision

  • Target Audience Profile Template

  • Your blog’s values and voice

  • 4 Competitor’s analysis sheets

  • Milestones

  • Others

Content Marketing Strategy

  • Brainstorm sheets

  • 16 sheets of blog post creation strategy

  • 7 sheets of blog post promotion

UBP banner (2).jpg


  • 1 annual statistics sheet

  • 12 monthly statistics sheets

  • 1 annual finances sheets

  • 1 Social media statistics


  • 1 Sponsored posts sheet

  • 1 Guest posts sheet

  • 2 Newsletter planners

  • 1 Notes sheets

  • 1 Cover

Trust me when I say that this planner will be your best friend when it comes to taking care of your blog. I’m not just talking about all the value and goodies you will get from it, I’m talking about it being an INFINITE planner for you.

For only $6.99, you get to access more than 50 pages worthy of $37.99 for a LIFETIME. You won’t need to constantly buy it as you can re-print those same pages you have a billion times. A TRILLION TIMES.

Don’t just sit there worrying about your blog.

Get your hands on these bad girls.