• Nicole Rungo

Works of the flesh series: Wraths


I have always imagined myself losing my temper in many different and dramatic ways and wow, it feels exciting until I fall back into reality and realise how psycho I look in those visualisations.

To be honest, it’s more alarming when I notice that those ideas might actually come from real life, someone’s life.

When I see people shatter glasses in their hands because they were so infuriated by something or someone, or when Hollywood shows women throwing stuff at their partners when they are angry, I’m just like — Whoah, hold up. What’s going on and was that really necessary?

There’s this stereotype about black parents, that they educate their kids by beating them and let me tell you this, that actually used to be true for me for a long time.

My dad had a huge case of short-temper issues and my mum also used to knock some sense into me with her flip flops or twisting my ears, and the latter burnt a lot.

In result, I hated them a whole lot and would ask God to take them away or ask Him why He was allowing me to suffer through all of that.

After I grew some backbone and called them out, the beating stopped and the hate deteriorated into the smooth relationship with have now. I actually feel like crying whenever I think of losing them, something I wouldn’t feel at all if they had continued releasing their wrath on me.

From experience, I can say that wrath hurts relationships a lot and can destroy them for good if not taken care of.

Sometimes, in the midst of releasing our wrath on others, we don’t realise that we are slowly breaking that person, and I don’t live to break people.

I focus on uplifting them, not breaking them.

”It’s healthy to let go sometimes.”

Remember Cain, the guy who killed his own brother?

Yeah, before that, God told him to “master” his sinful "anger" (Genesis 4:7) but, he didn’t obey and released his wrath upon his own brother.

It’s healthy to master our emotions and not let them master us, otherwise, we will cause lots of trouble.

How to watch out for it?

Here are a few tips, some that I have been embracing, to keep me away from raging on others:

  • Walk away from heated situations to prevent any unwanted release of anger on others. You can pick up where you left off once you have cooled off your head.

  • PRAY! When I'm boiling up from top to bottom, sometimes I feel like the only solution for me is to go to God and give Him my burdens, confess that I have sinful anger boiling in me and He, being the awesome God that He is, reforms my heart and stills my emotions. God breathes in us peace, a unique type of peace that only He can bring. Pray for Him to take care of you and your anger.

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