Works of the flesh series: Drunkness

Updated: Nov 26, 2020


I still remember the night I drank too much like it was a punchline drawn in the walls of my brain.

I was trying to show people and myself that I could handle my liquor but ended up being handled by it.

It took me six to seven shots of an obnoxiously strong mixture of alcohol for me to lose my senses and do things that I can also cringe and laugh at, right now.

I remember getting home, lying on my bed - relieved that my parents were asleep and wouldn't witness the uncanniness I had with a corpse - only to wake up minutes later to throw everything out.

Wonderful picture, huh?

Yeah, it was hectic.

Anywho, I am telling you this because we are heading for the part where I confess that I had a heart-to-heart with myself and asked if I was really into drinking alcohol because I liked it or because I wanted to prove something?

Long story short, I don't like alcohol and I definitely didn't like how it made me feel.

I have restricted myself from drinking alcohol, my poor body can't deal with it like a champ, and when people offer me it, no matter the pressure (okay, maybe except that one time that I regret) I don't drink alcohol.

I am no fan of alcohol or what it does to people, especially when people don't consume it moderately.

You see, I have no issues with people drinking at all - just with them drinking excessively as if we were reaching the second wave of the Prohibition Era.

I don't know how things appear for you, feel free to tell me, but, around me, it seems like the peers of my age and around are fanatics of getting drunk and one would think that they were trying to escape from massive worries, or trying to find answers at the bottom of bottles.

It's a scene to be frightened by.

Now, why is this part of this long series I indulged myself to write?

Well, there are different Scriptures that talk against immoderate consumption of alcohol, and for many reasons too.

Well, here's one of them for you:

“Don't get drunk with wine, which will only ruin you; instead, be filled with the Spirit” ‭‭
— Ephesians 5:18

Oh, and this one as well:

"For the Spirit that God has given us does not make us timid; instead, His Spirit fills us with power, love and self-control."
- 2 Timothy 1:7

Alright, so this is what I got from these verses. As always, you are more than free to share your interpretation of them with me.

Okay, so, First, in Ephesians 5:18, we are called not to get drunk on wine because it will ruin us. Instead of corrupting our God-given bodies and minds with unreasonable amounts of liquor, we can just embrace God's Spirit, drink Him in every single day of our lives.

"Whoever is thirsty should come to Me, and whoever belives me in should drink. As the Scripture says, 'Streams of life-giving water will pour out from His side.'"
- John 7:38

Here Jesus was talking about the Holy Spirit and, from my understanding, we who believe in Him should drink from Him, drink in His Spirit for He is like life-giving water. He gives eternal life and satisfies our souls - something alcohol will never do for us.

He teaches us self-control, how to love and be wise.

Alcohol just rides against that.

When we get drunk, we tend to get wild and our minds are not really in control of anything given the amount of filth we have drowned it in.

We tend to lose control of ourselves, lose power and that leads many of us to do crazy and regretful stuff *cough* speak nonsense and embarrass ourselves *cough*.

Some us of us young women even become victims of assault, rape and far worse due to the overload of alcohol in our bodies. Not only do we do things that we regret when we are drunk, but we also put our lives in tremendous danger.

And let's not forget the participation awards we get from being drunk:

R E G R E T S.

S H A M E.

M I G R A I N E S.

Amongst others, of course.

Additionally, when we lose full control of ourselves, not only are we subject to many dangerous scenarios, we also mistreat the bodies God has given us, the same bodies that have been known to be the Temple of the Spirit of God (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

We are God in our bodies, let them be visual testimonies of our lives in Christ and shaming them with intoxicating beverages doesn't do the trick.

I don't care how your body is or if you are the one walking in it. It was given by God - It's a beautiful and unique gift, limitedly designed by God for you. Take special care of it.

How to watch out for it?

Don't let yourself get enticed by such sinful ways by:

  • Moderating how you drink. If you are a lightweight, stick to what you can handle, no matter how much others are drinking.

  • PRAY! Pray to God that you never get tempted to drink too much, for whatever reason.Pray for self-control for our flesh is quite weak, sometimes.

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