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Use what you have to serve who you can: Learning to use what God has given you to serve others

Remember how Jesus told the disciples that they didn’t need to gather lots of money or go to crazy lengths to get to others! They had everything they needed right there with them and they only need to carry the truth and give it to those close to them. (Matthew 10:5-10)

God has given us everything we need to live and serve Him (2 Peter 1:3) and we can serve Him by loving and serving others for His glory and their delight in Him and the funny part is that we already have everything we need to do so.

God has given us all the tools and access to help we need to serve and love Him and others and these are some of the ways you can do that:

We can use the power of the Holy Spirit to guide us

Before He left, Jesus said that a Helper would come to reveal God's truth and that He comes from God (John 15:26-27) and this Helper is the Holy Spirit, who is God!

In other words, we have God with us and that is more than everything we need to live godly lives that are focused on serving and loving Him and His people.

With God on our side and His power working in us and through us, we can serve others so that they may also enjoy the beauty and blessing of being in an intimate and loving relationship with God.

God can and will equip us to serve Him right and He will guide us down through the path of Righteousness to enjoy eternal life with Him and because He loves all, He will use us and our relationship with Him to call others to Him.

He will guide us to say the right things and do the right things when it comes to showing love and serving Him and others.

We can use our lives as testimonies

Our testimonies are more than just stories of what happened to us; they are irrefutable accounts of what Jesus has done in our lives and how He has changed them, and these can be the evidence that God works wonders in anyone's life, irrespective of their status, situation and character.

I love hearing testimonies because it shows me just how much God has done for others and how little I know of His miracles and blessings.

It shows me that God can do anything in anyone's life, that He can transform it into something incredible and that transformation that we have been experiencing under His care, grace, love and amazingness is a powerful tool to serve others and Him.

It is a powerful tool that can introduce people to the beauty and greatness of God and just how much He loves His people.

Your testimony can be the seed of faith in someone's life and be the way God chooses to bring people to Him.

Use it to serve others by letting them know just how amazing God is and how your life has been with Him.

We can use our spiritual gifts as tools for good

When we receive the Holy Spirit, not only do we receive a Helper, Guide and Friend, amongst other great things, but we also receive gifts from God and these gifts are not only ours to keep to ourselves but to use them to serve others, to strengthen them (Romans 1:11-12) and to serve and love God!

There are many Spiritual Gifts, gifts given to us by God to express our faith and strengthen others and some of them you find in Romans 12:6-8 but God can and does empower us with many other gifts, as explained here, and we can use those to serve Him and serve others.

We can use our Spiritual gifts to strengthen others and point them to God!

We can use our creative works for good

If you are a creative Christian, whether you are an artist or crafter, a songwriter or dancer, or even a poet, you can use your creative works to show God's greatness and serve others.

You can use your poems to uplift others and showcase God's beauty.

You can use your lettering and/or drawing skills to encourage others to stay close to God and delight in Him.

You can use your amazing art pieces to show God's greatness and encourage other people to live for Him and love Him and others.

We can use the little resources we use with others

We don't need thousands of dollars to serve others and please God.

As I said before, He has already given you everything you need and even the surplus that you have, which can be your money, your clothes or any other resources whether big or small, that you have can make a huge difference in someone's life.

A little as $1 can bring hope into someone's life.

A little as giving a t-shirt or can of food can make others appreciate and love God more, make them hungry for Him and reliance on Him.

You don't need a fat bank account or a farm to take care of others for God's glory and their enjoyment in Him. What you have right now is more than enough to make that happen...

You just have to believe that God will empower you to make it happen.

We can use our voices to encourage others to do the same

Surely, we are all called to make followers of all nations and proclaim the Good News to everyone (Matthew 28:18-20), but we can also use our voices to encourage others to do the same.

We can encourage people to use their gifts for the glory of God, to use their testimony as tools to serve others and to make use of the power of the Holy Spirit to empower them to live Godly lives and love others.

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