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To the Christian woman feeling too tired of life right now: This message is for you

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

After reading an excerpt of a Bible plan, dwelling in one of the Abide meditations, I have come to realise that I need to surrender more of my life to God… All of my life to Him.

That I need Him to be Lord of my whole life, every single department of it. For Him to be Lord of my thoughts, feelings, acts and words.

I need Him to be my only guide in life and be my comfort. Not saying that my life will be comfortable when I am with Him, but that He will bring me comfort where there seems to be none.

That He will help me carry my burdens and give me rest (Matthew 11:28) because we are never alone in this world. No, not with God standing right next to us, living inside of us, walking ahead of us and making a way for us to reach home and eternal delight in Him.

No, we don’t have to deal with the world all by ourselves when we have God offering His companionship, His love, His power to hold us up and His grace and mercy to see us through every hardship.

So, in every situation, seek to do everything for His glory, seek to be His holy image in every single thing you do, think and say, and when things feel too overwhelming, remember that you don’t have to carry the burden alone.

Every single problem you face is an opportunity to invite God into your life and trust that He will make everything right.

When appearing too much, remember to always keep your eyes on Christ, who has perfected our faith and helps us run this race we have before us (Hebrews 12:1-3)

Keep your eyes on Heaven, where He is sitting right next to God and seek to understand things from His perspective (Colossians 3:1-3). Seek to meditate on the truth that your life is in His perfect hands and nothing or anyone can do will ever let Him drop you.

No hardship is too much when you believe that Christ, who went through the worst of things, has your back and He never EVER removes His eyes from you.

Even in this ocean of people, God sees every single part of you and He cares for every single one, His love for your infinite, as well as His care for you.

We are talking about your perfect, always-loving, caring, merciful and graceful Heavenly Father who cares about everything that goes on in and through your life, and when things go bad, He wants you to know that He is right behind you, in front of you, besides you and within you, and with His strength, you can overcome anything (Philippians 4:13).

In Him, and Him alone, nothing is impossible and everything can be overcome.

So, remember to always seek Him in everything you do, think snd say. To always remember that you have got the best Protector and Provider in existence and that He will never abandon Him, even when you walk through dark valleys (Psalms 23:4), even when you trip, even when people do wrong against you.

He will never leave you so, go to Him now and embrace the love, grace and mercy that He is abundantly offering.

Let all of Him overwhelm you with love, grace, comfort and assurance that you are cared for because you are!

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