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The stakes are high for non-Christians

What if Christians are wrong about their beliefs?

What if there is no God and it has all been a lie?

What if there is no Jesus coming back because no Jesus came in the first place and Christians have been believing in dead religion?

What then of these Christians who have been talking non-stop of the Second Coming of Christ and that Christ alone is the One who saves people and every other god is fake?

Then I would say, in my case, I would be a bit disappointed and crushed for I am looking forwards to seeing Jesus, but, nonetheless, I would look back at my life, in my last moments on earth, and think: It wasn't all bad. I tried to live a virtuous and honourable life, doing the right things and not succumbing to the selfish and destructive desires of my soul. It was a decent and "good" life.

If we Christians are wrong, the stakes of being wrong at the end of our lives don't high at all. I would be disappointed because I have lived believing in God, living to be more like Christ and according to His word, and I was looking forward to the New Earth, where there would be no tears, no suffering, no pain and our loyalty to Jesus would pay off by being eternally joyful in His presence.

I would be disappointed and sad, but at least life wasn't all that bad and I can die knowing that I lived life well.

Now, the same won't be true for non-Christians if they are wrong. The stakes are way higher for them if they were wrong about the Bible and Christian God than for Christians.

If non-Christians are wrong about God and Christian beliefs, things at the end of this earth will look pretty nasty for them.

Just imagine coming to the end of life and the very same God whose existence you denied comes down this time to judge people, and you realise that, oh my life, Christians were right: there is a God, the Christian God.

To realise that all of that was true and you were dead wrong would be completely devastating and soul-crushing.

Unlike the Christian would simply be like "Meh, disappointing, but it ain't all bad", the non-Christian would be like "Yeahhh, this ain't good. We dead". Because, if Christians are wrong, they just die and that's it, but if non-Christians are wrong about God, about Jesus, about sin, about hell and heaven, then things would really get pretty nasty and I would straight up faint at the sight of God.

So, I think I will ask non-Christians the following questions so that they may contemplate on what they believe and what they don't believe:

Let's say you are right about God and the Bible; that it is all wrong and a myth and you were right to live with the firm belief of no God. I would say you be satisfied and glad that you were right and did not restrict yourself like us Christians.

But now, let's say that you were dead wrong about the Christian God and the Bible (emphasis on the "dead" part, by the way) and at the end of the life, Jesus will come back to earth and this time to exercise judgement on all. I would say that it wouldn't be a pleasant sight for you; it would be quite soul-crushing, and devastating, wouldn't it?

And you know why?

Because the stakes of you being wrong about the Christian God and His word (The Bible) are way higher than that of Christians being wrong about them.

It will literally cost your life infinitely.

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