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Learning to be patient when trouble comes: An open letter

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

I thought I was a patient person until I was proven wrong and that led me to realise so much!

So, the story begins with my dad wanting sandals and having no access to his Amazon account because, well, life hits hard like that sometimes and things happen.

Anyhoo, it was up to me to bring his precious sandals to him and that was when things got a little bit complicated and by a 'little' I mean a lot!

You see, my Amazon account has my credit card in its DNA structure and even though I added my dad's card, I failed to actually choose that card when making the purchase and all those savings of mine were invested in men sandals.

I literally felt my heart sink and despair sink in.

However, I was quick-witted and managed to cancel the order before it was shipped and reorder it with my dad's card, and then I was happy, but not for long.

I thought that I had managed to stir away from going broke because of sandals only to find out that Amazon found my purchase activity suspicious and they placed my account on hold.

It was scary and shocking but nothing that couldn't be solved swiftly.

That said, I followed Amazon's instructions to get my precious account back by giving them my details, but things proved rather hard when I failed to give the right information in the Billing Statement.

I had never written a Billing Statement before so, saying that I was lost would be an understatement, but I got Amazon's help a bit and did it and yet, things were still pretty icky because my appeal was rejected.

Enough information wasn't provided and by that they meant to say that I used the wrong card details; I had used my card details and not of my father which was painfully ironic.

After giving them the right information, I got no other response after the 48hrs and things were getting harder for me because my Kindle Library was locked away and all my books were gone, and the Amazon Prime account that my family uses was also locked and they wanted to watch things.

Eventually, I got tired of waiting and decided to figure out what was going on and that my impatience met anger when I faced major issues finding working emails from Amazon.

I search and I searched again to only find more frustration and despair and when things hit really hard, I let that anger spill into something sinful as I went to Twitter instead to God to unleash my frustrations and there I attacked Amazon for not having its contact details displayed and making my life hard.

I was so furious that I did not care if my complaints and harsh words to Amazon went viral because I actually wanted them to pay attention to me, and if that had to happen through social media, so be it!

I felt like crying and hitting something, but then, at some point, God convinced me that I needed to trust Him more and let this be in His hand.

It was way past midnight when I finally let my mind be aware of God's presence and remind itself of who He is. It was only then that I let some of my sorrows rest on Him and gave up trying to get things done my way.

In the morning, I woke up convicted of my sins and asked for forgiveness because I was sinful in my anger and the way I handled things.

I was really sorry for how I had allowed myself and my circumstances to lead me to sin and when I know that I have to watch out for my anger because of its fruit exactly!

I was sorry that I let anger and despair be louder than God's voice and promises, that I even ended up misrepresenting Him online, which hurt a lot.

Thankfully, God forgave me and I trusted that He was going to solve my issues in the best way He saw fit and He did.

I got my account back on that same day!

I was so overjoyed and grateful, but I also felt bad because I had failed to remember God in my times of trouble and this showed me three vital things:

  • I need to drop to my knees when I’m angry and ask God to calm me down and take my anger away before it drives me to sin.

  • I need to be patient and mind my words and actions when I’m angry and in despair.

  • I need to remember this and the previous moments that God has come through for me and rejoice in the faith that He can always do it again.

And that's is my plea for all of us:

That we remember that God has come through for us before and He will surely come through for us again!

So, remember that and this verse when you feel impatient, despaired and angry:

"Be joyful because you have hope. Be patient when trouble comes, and pray at all times."
- Romans 12:12 NCV

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