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5 tips on how to enjoy time alone without feeling lonely?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Sometimes, detangling yourself from everyone and shifting your efforts and focus to yourself is necessary, almost medicinal, and you shouldn’t feel weirded out about it.

I mean, let’s face it: society can be a little bit too much for everyone and sometimes you just need that ‘me time’ to keep your sanity in check.

And that’s cool, dandy, so don’t be weirded out by it and learn how you can be alone and enjoy it a lot:

Dissect yourself

That’s right, break yourself down to build yourself up the way you feel it’s best for your growth.

I really need you to be relentless when getting to know yourself, allowing yourself to feel whatever you will feel when you find out nasty things about you and will have to tear those roots up.

For instance, I’m a proud person — like, yeah, stubbornly proud (especially with my little sister) — and I have been reading Bible plans to help me see, really see, just how destructive being proud is. Even though I have done quite some things on humbling myself and being more humble to others, I have strong reasons to believe that it’s still kinda hard (really hard) for me to swallow my pride and admit I was wrong about something I had strongly believed I was right about.

That sometimes happens with my sister and it used to be worse — I would literally argue knowing fully well that I was wrong — and I’m glad I’m tearing those roots out every day, even if it hurts my ego sometimes.

And I do that, and more, when I’m alone when I have time to go through my thoughts and dissect my toxic behavioural patterns, my mistakes, my emotions, my intentions and so forth.

Dissecting everything about me helps me to get to know myself better but sometimes it’s hard, too draining and hurtful, and that when you need God the most because, when everything feels impossible, He shows you that it’s possible.

So, babes, dissect yourself. Get to know yourself every time you have time to be alone and start building that woman God has brought you out to be.

Trust me, life will be a whole lot easier and enjoyable when you are happier with who you are every day ❤️.

Do something you love




Listening to music.

Pretending I’m some protagonist in a really dope action movie. . .

Those are some of the things I love to do and get to enjoy a whole bunch when I’m alone. Okay, maybe not the whole protagonist thing because it makes me more psycho than I would like to admit but yeah. . .

You get the gist.

When people are watching, we don’t really tend to let ourselves go and really do what we want. We secure a bit of our carefree self to not look like weirdos and whatnot, but when you are alone. . . really alone, the party really starts.

Even though you know damn well you can’t dance, you bust out those bone-breaking moves in your locked room and laugh your heart out when you acknowledge how silly, carefree and happy you feel.

When I’m painting, playing video games, writing or reading, I really don’t like it at all when people watch my every move, breathe down my neck and just make me uneasy.

[image of me drawing while glancing at someone peeking at my stuff]

When we are alone, we have the time to really embrace what we love and be happy doing those things without feeling judged, watched or uneasy.

Take yourself on dates

When this whole COVID-19 thing is over, or terrorising us less, I’m planning on taking myself to amazing dates, visiting those low-key places I always admired and enjoy a new ambient.

Take yourself to watch that movie you were thinking of catching up to.

Hungry? Don’t be shy. . . Go to that restaurant you saw on the telly commercial or driving back home.

Fancy a romantic picnic? Well, who — other than God — to love than yourself? Take yourself to the park and enjoy a fine picnic.

I don’t care where you go, even if you decide to stay home which is AMAZING, as long as you take yourself out and enjoy it to the fullest.

Just try to stay away from your phone. It might ruin the moment.

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Find a new happy place

The roof, oh the beautiful roof of my dear parents' house.

That place is magical, risky to get to and just beautiful for some alone time.

You can see the people walking by our house, watch the many houses stretch to the horizon or lay down and catch the clouds dancing in the sky.

That’s a real happy place. . . I can already see myself there tomorrow.

Just wished the tile paint wouldn’t get to my clothes all the time. Or that I didn’t have to scale the walls, potentially fall to my demise or have the neighbours look at me like I’m suicidal.

I think I need a new happy place. Somewhere new and refreshing, and reachable.

I’ll find that other place and while I do that, you focus on finding your new happy place.

If you have no jack of a clue what a happy place feels like, here are some hint:

  • You love the ambient — you love the sound of it, the colours it displays, the comfort it offers.

  • It makes you feel at ease and happy

  • Allows you to disconnect from society

Speaking of happy places. . .

Shake up your routine

Doing the same thing can get out of season really fast.

Maybe you are already happy with your daily routine but you will never know if you will be happier if you shake some things up a bit.

Like today, instead of waking up super late, I woke up around 11 and might do something a little bit different for a change. Might take my sister and her friends to this hangout place of theirs instead of creating new art pieces for my Instagram account.

Tomorrow, I might wake up super early as well — just have to sleep before 4 o’clock— to work out because I’ve been slacking these days.

I’m also thinking of doing a few things differently at night to have a better day the next day or just to enjoy my evenings differently.

If you want to shake up your routine, which is a good idea, I suggest you check up daily routines online or on Pinterest to get inspired to shift a few things up.

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