• Nicole Rungo

Which foods are best to donate to the needy in your local streets

The times are rough, winter is tough, and food is scarce for many people in the streets, but we can lend a helping hand by providing the right food and drinks to enjoy in any season.

As far as I know, it is best to provide food that doesn't spoil fast, that can be eaten from the container or/and that doesn't require many other resources to be enjoyed, and below are the best types of food that you can donate to the needy in your local streets:

Canned food

It is not ideal to get an ordinary chicken or meat to the homeless or hungry in the streets because they would need a cool place to store it and well, I doubt that they would have a fridge just lying around waiting to be filled up.

So, canned meat or poultry is ideal if you want to give them some great sources of protein and then we have canned fruits, veggies and even tuna, and all of those are great options that could contribute immensely to their health.

You can even suggest that they keep the cans to contain other goods.

Dry food and drinks

Food drying prevents the growth of bacterial, mould and yeast from taking over the good stuff, given that it consists of, well, sucking up all the water and this is just another good one to add to your list of what to give to the homeless.

Some of the best dry foods to give are to the homeless are:

  • Dry fish - I remember how my dad would buy this for one of his workers because they didn't have a fridge to store up food

  • Dry milk - though evaporated one is ideal, this one is the best and they can use it to mix up with other foods or add a bit of water and drink it up

  • Dry juice - back when I used to visit my grandma a lot, with my cousins, she would just give us packets of dry juice and although we wouldn't really add water to it (we would suck the powder dry as it was, like some type of cocaine), many people would use it to make some fine juice, at a stupidly affordable price.

  • Powdered eggs - yup, they exist and I was baffled when I read about them but, they are good if you want them to have some basic component of a standard breakfast

  • Dry fruits and veggies - I am talking about raisins, oranges, bananas, spinach leaves, mangoes, nuts and the whole bunch

  • Instant noodles - not only are they life-savers when you are in University and can't be bothered to whip a proper dish but, they also have a great shelf life and can be eaten with room temperature water, if they don't have a way to heat it.

Though it is not a necessity, if you feel like treating the homeless to a nice dessert, I suggest you add freeze-dried ice cream. It might be Italy-quality but, it is something special and the intention to make the happy counts.

Pasta, Rice and Seeds

Even though I already mentioned getting them some yummy instant noodles, adding a few other pantry foods won't kill ya and they can provide a chance for them to cook or mix up different food.

You know, variety in their diets is quite the bonus in their lives so, I suggest you get them some spaghetti and other pasta that I am forgetting to remember their names (sorry, Italians).

While you are at it, get them some rice and seeds, which would be awesome. They can eat the seeds as they are or add them to other food, and rice is essential in many of our lives so, it will be a great booster in their lives too.

Some of the seeds to get them are beans, grains such as oats, chickpeas and millets, as well as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and seeds from other plants and veggies.

Peanut Butter