• Nicole Rungo

Are you wasting your time working for God?

Updated: Sep 6

Sometimes, we wonder if all the work we are putting in and out, for the sake of God's glory and His people, is a waste of time because we are either not seeing the fruits of it or it's getting too demanding or too dangerous.

Perhaps we feel like we aren't doing enough to get things done as we should and that we are wasting our precious time working for God when there is no evidence of how well we are doing.

We feel dried out, demotivated or even scared of working for him, feeling as though we are wasting our lives or putting them in crazy harm away but, it isn't for nothing.

Nothing we ever do for God is in vain and though we might not be seeing the fruits of it, He is not idle and he is not blind to our works.

He is seeing how hard you are pushing it to get things done for Him, even when no one else recognises it.

He is seeing how brave you are being in going to places where your life security is at stake, and He is right there with you, giving you strength.

He acknowledges your pain whenever your attempts at sharing the Gospel are rejected or whenever your works for Him are discredited.

In 1 Corinthians 15:58, Paul encourages the people in Corinth to always give themselves fully to the work of the Lord, because it is never wasted.

Every little thing you do for God and His people is never wasted.

Remember, though you might not see the fruits so rapidly, God is always at work and watching as you try to live for Him, not with your strength and will, but because God lives in you and He is the one that moves you in the right direction.

It is by His strength and grace that you are still living for Him, working for Him and enjoying a life of loving Him.

If you feel that it is too risky to live for God, ask Him to whip those feelings away and breathe courage into your lungs because there's extreme beauty in living and dying for Him, for the sake of spreading the Gospel and doing the work he set out for you to do in advance (Ephesians 2:10)

Always risk your life for Christ, if it is required so as you live for Him, not because you are unbeatable or extremely brave in yourself but, because God always be there for you. Even if you die, doing so, He will resurrect you when the time comes.

Look at 1 Corinthians 29-34 when Paul risked his life for the Gospel and glory of God, not because he was trying to act heroic or show his strength, but because He knew that if he died, God would resurrect Him and take him home and just as he said In Philippians 1:21, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

Live for Christ and if such boldness costs you your life, know for sure that although you died, you live in Christ ( John 11:25) - your life is in Christ (Colossians 3:1-3) and when He comes back, so will your life.

So, don’t be afraid to risk everything you have got for God, fully aware that this is not home and that, in Christ, you don’t perish.

So, always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord. Always seek to be is loyal servant and child, seeking the greater good of others by pointing them to God.

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Surely, not everyone will be caring to what you will do; some will mock you, just like they mocked Jesus, some will speak ill of you, just like they did with Jesus, some will hurt you, just like they did with Jesus.

Yet, just like Jesus, don’t focus on what others are doing to you but, focus on what God has in store for you, what God requires of you - to make disciples of all nations, love Him with everything you have got and love others as much as you love yourself.

The world is going to hate everything that God has set for you to accomplish and many things will try to stop you but, keep on moving forward with the strength