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A little something I learnt about faithfulness

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Many aspire to be faithful, whether to God, themselves or others, but many fail and though I would like to say that being faithful is a pipeline dream, it is as achievable as holiness in God.

In this walk and relationship with God, faithfulness and faith are really needed, and love, of course, but those don’t come up to us easily.

We are used to trusting ourselves to make things happen, but when we are in a relationship with God, we need to remove our eyes and faith from ourselves and put them on God, but that isn’t easy.

Given that before Him, we were used to trusting in ourselves and in other things, whether our efforts, our resources or chance, we aren’t used to trusting someone to take care of our lives and we aren’t used to being faithful in our own efforts.

We fail to be faithful to commitments, to people and even to ourselves and the crazy part is that we keep on trying to be it in our own efforts, which are fallible.

Many times, we believe that our faith in God will be huge at first and I believe that it isn’t true. It would be so wonderful if it was true but I know myself and the ways I sometimes believe that I can trust myself to do certain things with my own effort and I fail.

Fully trusting God with everything that you have and you are doesn't happen overnight, in most cases, and being trusted with a lot, by Him, also doesn't come overnight, in some cases.

It takes time and it starts with the little things.

Staying faithful in the little things counts

I have wanted God to trust me to be faithful in doing great and exponential things for Him and for others, but I have grown to know that I have to start with the little things because if I can't handle the little things, I will definitely not be able to faithful with the big things.

As Jesus said:

“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much” - Luke 16:10

God knows where I am when it comes to fully surrendering my life, my plans, my dreams, my desires and my will to Him, and He never fails to build me up to the point of perfection, even when I trip to my face countless times.

That said, God knows what to trust me with and how to equip me to handle more responsibilities and tasks.

Being faithful to God and others starts with the little things and it builds up from there.

Being a faithful person is a long-term practice

Faithfulness is a character of God and, as Christians, we are being sanctified to become like God, it is safe to say that it is not an immediate character that we possess and that it will take time and practice to get there.

The more we stay close to God and apply His Word, the more we do as He wants us to and the more we grow to be faithful people. Even if we do fail here and there, which we will, it is important to learn from it, look up to God, repent and seek His help one more time in becoming the people He wants us to be.

Since God is the embodiment of Faith and Faithfulness, we should always go to Him for guidance in being faithful throughout our lives and we can be assured that faithfulness, whether with the big or little things, will never go unnoticed by God.

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