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26 incredible ways to be happier with your life (The first is the most important)

If you want to truly be happy, irrespective of the circumstances that you are in, there is only ONE true source of such strong, everlasting and all-satisfying happiness (more like joy) and that amazing source is God.

Think I am crazy? Think again because I am dead serious about this.

You have to understand that only God gives through joy and happiness, one that endures even the hardest and most stubborn of circumstances, and if you fail to see Him as the grandiose source of joy that He is, you are going to start seeing everything else in this list, and beyond it as so, and it will come back to bite you hard.

There are many reasons why I would say that God is the true source of everlasting and all-satisfying happiness (joy) but the one that I want to emphasize at the moment is this:

There is this inexplicable satisfaction and delight and amazingness in knowing that God, the Lord of all, the majestic and amazing leader and judge of all, love you very much (Psalms 117:2), cares for you, fights for you and delights in you.

There's an inexplicable joy that comes from knowing that you are God's child and He is your Heavenly Father, who works for your good (Romans 8:28), that in Him you are more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37).

By knowing God and knowing who you are in Him, you grow to be happy in life because your life is secure in Him (Colossians 3:3) and the circumstances you face do not determine the joy you have because the main source of your happiness is unchanging and forever faithful and amazing.

When you understand that, that God is the true source of happiness, the main way to it, life became much sweeter and the following ways to a happier life become much more attainable:

Eat what makes you happy

Whether sour worms make you sing in joy or a nice slice of pizza does the trick, eat what makes you happy and your soul will thank you!


Sometimes, when I am sad, I throw myself a dance party for one and it works wonders.

Embrace your talents

Everyone has that something that they are good at or that gift that God has blessed them if that just makes them super happy to be engaging in it.

Do that: embrace your talents.

Be more grateful

There's always something to be grateful for.

Whether it is for a new day to be spectacular, the relationships we have, the blessing we have had or are to come, the fellowship with God or simply the desire to get better, feel better.

There's always something to be grateful for.

Practice lots of mental and emotional detox

Our brains can store up so much in such little time, absorbing it from our phones, from what we listen to or watch, what we read or think about and we need to take a moment to stop and just pull away from all of that.

Sometimes, we need to detox mentally and emotionally, and one of the best ways to do that is by distancing ourselves from things that trigger us or can clutter our minds.

Take care of your body

Just as much as you need to take care of your mind and soul, you need to take care of your body.

Go outside and drink in some sunlight, go through a home spa day, eat something healthy or just take a good ol' nap.

Just do what you need to do to take good care of your body. It will thank you later!

Do something that scares you every day

Not only will it help you to be braver but it will inspire feelings of adrenaline and joy that might just make you believe that you can change the world.

Craft your own definition of success

I, for one, know how it feels to be pressured by society to run after one notion of success, the one where a luxurious life, with lots of money and fame, is the best definition of success there is.

But, as times went by and my relationship with God grew closer, I realised that though that was the definition of success for many, it didn't need to be mine and I am glad so.

Though it is not inherently bad, it is not my definition of success and it doesn't need to be yours, as well.

You can choose what success looks like for you.

Count your blessings before going to sleep

That way you will realise that you have so much in your life or so much to cherish and appreciate.

Take yourself out on a date


Take yourself out on a date. Go to a restaurant, go to the cinema, go explore a city... Go do something fun with yourself.

Don't forget to take pictures to make it more memorable.

Get a pet

Though I already had a pet dog, getting a pet plant to stay with m,e on Campus was surely an amazing moment and now Charles and are truly happy with one another (Yes, Charles is the name of my pet plant, which happens to be a succulent one. Sexy, I know!)

Visit somewhere new

I surely want to do this in Johannesburg, but with the whole Covid-19 things kind of derailing my plans, it will have to wait.

However, you can go ahead and visit somewhere new, drink in the view and enjoy the moment.

Forgive people and move on

I heard a good advice today, from one of my internship meetings, and this was it:

"Accept the apology that you didn't get."

While it can be tempting to hold on to grudges or negative feelings towards those who have wronged you, you will feel quite better when you just let go of it and move on.

Take that apology that never came to be.

Detangle yourself from toxic relationships

In the precious name of Christ, I sure hope that you run away from any relationship that is toxic in any form, shape or size.


Don't try to justify toxic behaviour or toxic people that just make your life feel bitter when you could be out here enjoying all that it has to offer.

Leave those toxic relationships NOW.

Create plans or goals that hype you up

I am not talking about mediocre plans that might excite you for a second but then bore you in another like working 3x in a week or going out with friends.

Even though those are good plans, you want plans that kinda scare you and excite you at the same time. Plans that sound so crazy and impossible but you know that are achievable.

I am talking about wanting to climb the Kilimanjaro mountain in the next 3 months, going deep diving with friends or something as crazy as a life goal of helping 1 million people out of poverty or hunger!

Dream big dreams and make bold plans.

Help others (volunteer)

There's always someone out there that could use your support and even if you don't have the monetary resources to donate as little as $1 to the needy, you can always encourage someone with your words or be their voice in this very loud world.

Learn five foreign words

Besides helping you with memorisation, it is super awesome to learn a few words from a language you aren't familiar with and if you do that every day, you will end up being able to speak that language or, at the very least, understand it.

If you really want to challenge yourself with this one, I would suggest learning five Mandarin words.

Ditch tech for a day

If this sound like a death wish, you are not alone and do not share the lament alone. I hate how I kinda tremble when I think of being away from my devices for a whole day but, in the days that I had managed to be away from them for the majority of the time, I felt good and still.

My fingers weren't itching to check anything, my mind wasn't buzzing with a need to check my social media or messages.

I was just enjoying my life away from my dependency on tech.

Slowly, I will get there and so can you. We will need discipline and a good reason to do so.

Meet someone new

There is so much you can learn from people and it always marvels me to talk to strangers, even when I might not be feeling like so.

Everyone has a story to tell, something to say and something to share, and the more people you meet, the more stories you might have a chance to hear.


Sometimes crying helps you to feel relieved.

Maybe you were carrying too much on your chest or not allowing your emotions to flourish naturally and what you need is not a good reason to laugh but a moment to cry and let it all out.

Write a creative piece

Words can paint a good image and help you to express your feelings, while also immersing you in a wild and adventurous world, and one of the best ways to get all three of those is by writing stories.

If you aren't much of a writer, you can always start with a prompt and start writing a short story or by journaling or even giving a try at poetry (I suck at that but, my friend Diya can be a huge inspiration for you).


God has crafted such a beautiful world and there's so much that you can feat on from it, so, leave your devices behind for a while and go sightseeing.

Go feed your eyes.

Follow trends? Nah, create your own.

In a world with so many trends, it is easy to want to tap into so many of them but, it could be special to create a trend that speaks to you and what you stand for.

One trend I do wish to create is the one for Christian women boldly and unashamedly living for Christ and using their gifts to serve others.

Compliment someone

Not only will it makes them feel seen and appreciated, but it will also show you that a few words can indeed build up people.

Don't forget that you are 'someone' as well so, make sure to compliment yourself.

Understand what triggers you

By understanding what makes you feel bad or unhappy, you will learn more about yourself and what to stir away from in order to cultivate a happy life.

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