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17 incredibly fun things to do instead of wasting your time watching TV

If you are spending more than 4hrs in front of a TV, per day, then you might want to sit yourself down and ask if you really want to be throwing away such valuable time like that?

With so much to watch, these days, it is easy to get caught trying to watch it all and with more people glorifying binge-watching, watching it all in one sitting has become the norm.

However, you might be normalising something that has been destroying your life and if you want to take control of how you spend your free time, instead of feasting on TV shows, I have got 17 incredibly fun things that you can do instead:

Start a puzzle

I have been wanting to buy a 10k words puzzle and that's because it can take your mind off wanting to watch TV for a long while (I am talking of hours, here).

Yet, you don't have to start to wildly. A 500 pieces puzzle should keep you busy for a while and entertained as well.

Play a board game with friends

Recently, a few friends of mine introduced me to this amazing strategy game called Splendor and it was a wild experience.

One moment we were friends and the other we were fighting for the victory, far too deep into the situation and using our precious brain to outsmart each other.

It was a vicious, brutal and amazing game that brought us closer, taught us how to be aware of our opponent's moves and surely kept us away from the TV.

And that wasn't all.

I have regular game nights with my friends and it is just an awesome time to laugh, engage in some healthy competitive spirit and have a blast without needing our eyes to be glued to a TV screen.

So, get yourself a board game (whether 30 seconds or something like Splendor) and invite your friends for a friendly jest.

Write a short story as you think

Start with a character or a location or even an action and develop your story from there. You will be surprised at how rapidly your mind will be at telling you all these amazing things to write about as you develop your story and something crazy might occur.

You might just end up having an awesome story idea and stick to it long enough to write a novel, letting your imagination be your source of entertainment.

Create a new recipe

Don't look at Pinterest or Youtube; just grab whatever you have in the fridge and start whipping something edible and new to your taste buddies.

You might be surprised at the amazing things you can create without a guideline.

Walk your pet

My precious baby girl is back at home and no one but me walks her, but let me tell you this: It is a darling of a moment to walk my pet around.

She is so amazingly awesome and fun to hang with, and walking her is a good exercise (covering those 10k steps and all).

If you have a pet, even if it is a rabbit, walk it out for a bit and get those muscles of yours moving.

Trust me, your body will thank you.

List down all the things you want to do

Create a wild to-do list and not just of the things you think you can achieve, but also of the things you think are impossible to do.

Make sure to list down those dreams and goals that are impossible to achieve unless God intervenes.

Go for a joy ride

I remember that after a long time "studying" with a few colleagues, we decided to take a break from it, give our brain a chance to breathe, and go for a nice ride around the neighbourhood.

It was awesome and refreshing and it gets more fun when you and your friends are shouting on top of your lungs the lyrics to some cliche or odd song.

Even if you are the only person in that joy ride, sing out loud and have a good time.

P.S.: You can have a joy ride on your bicycle.

Visit a new place and talk to someone there

Go somewhere where you have never been and talk to someone you have never met before.

However, I suggest that you do this in relatively populated areas or places that you know to be safe because you don't want to be sending the wrong vibes to anyone out there.

Throw a dance party for yourself

Whenever I feel moody or in need of some self-esteem boost, I blast out some music and start dancing to it.

I absolutely love it when I jiggle to old Disney songs!

Trust me, the nostalgia and amazement of it will blow your mind and now only will you be exercising your body in a super fun way, you will be boosting your morale and enjoying time with yourself.

Think of an alternative ending to a book or movie

I know that there is that specific movie or book that ended in a way that you simply didn't agree with and now I am giving you the chance to rewrite that ending.

I, Nicole Rungo, am telling you that you have the key to rewrite the scene or chapter and make it into whatever you want it to be.

Write a song or poem. Or both!

I surely suck at them both, but they are great ways for you to brush your creative skills and spend some time writing something meaningful and fun.

No one is saying that you have to write the lyrics to the next hit song or the poem.

You just have to start. Perhaps, you just have to start with a single word and move on with that.

Actually, there's going to be a month long challenge around poems!

Make sure to join the community and sign up to know when that will come through and what it will be about!

Draw whatever comes to mind and slap a quote on it

I am not asking you to give birth to a masterpiece but to grab and pen and paper, or tablet, and draw whatever your mind tells you to draw and when you are done, slap a good quote on it before saving it all in a place where you can easily access it and enjoy its beauty.

Take yourself on a date

This is one of the ways of enjoying time with yourself without feeling lonely and without being submissive to a TV show or a movie!

You can take yourself out on an active date like hiking or jumping on trampolines or on a more calm and touchy way like going to a restaurant and treating yourself to a nice meal.

Craft something out of clothes you don't want anymore

You see that pair of pants or t-shirt you no longer want?

While you can donate it, you can also craft something awesome out of it and then donate that, if you want to.

Write for a murder mystery party

Ooh, I remember just how awesome those were at Horse back-riding Camp, but I never actually tried writing for it!

Surely, I have written novels and articles, but I just know for sure that writing for a murder mystery party will keep me off my TV and invested in making the best murder mystery party ever!

Hey, I can even invite my friends to come to play it once I am done with it!

Challenge yourself to learn something new in 30 days

It can be a language, a type of art, an instrument or even a whole discipline!

30 days is a lot of time for you to learn something new and I am not saying that you will become an expert or anything. You will just know something new that might come in handy in the future.

Learn Origami

I have been wanting to learn Origami and not only because it looks so cool but, because I know that it would be an awesome way not just to stay away from my TV, but from my phone as well.

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