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10 incredible ways in which you can help the needy in your community

While it is a misfortune that many of our brothers and sisters are in the streets hoping for and working towards a better life, you can be a glimpse of hope and God's hand that they need to keep on trusting God to provide for them and these are some of the ways that you can do that:

Write them a God-inspired letter

Before you grab a pen and paper to write them a heartfelt and God-inspired letter, you need to contact the Source of your inspiration; you need to pray to God to give you the right words to communicate with them and for their needs to be provided for.

Then, and only then, do you get to write that letter and hand it to a needy person in your community.

Host a free clothes haul

If you have clothes that you don't wear anymore, you can start a free clothes haul with your friends and family members, or anyone who is willing to help, and get those clothes out there for the needy to grab!

Glory Church did something similar to this and I absolutely loved it. It was like a free Forever 21 shopping spree for the homeless!

Buy them a blanket or something to keep them warm

Winter is already hard for you and anyone else who has a roof under their heads, and it must be a horrible thing for those who live in the streets or have no place to call home, yet.

That said, buying them warm clothes or a blanket can go a long way.

Buy them food

Though throwing food at the homeless and needy won't necessarily help them with all their problems or be effective long-term, but it will be something appreciated for it is better to have something to eat now than to go sleep hungry.

If you don't know the best type of food to give to the homeless (because it can't be just any kind), this post will do the trick!

Buy them medication

Everyone gets sick once in a while and while you might have the resources to get yourself medical resources to take care of your illnesses, the homeless and the needy can't afford that and they need your help in getting it.

getting them the basics would suffice!

Host a soup kitchen day with your neighbours or friends

Working in union with others works wonders when all of you are inclined to serving others and one of the best ways to help the needy in your community is by hosting a soup kitchen, even if it is just for a day, with your family, friends, neighbours and pretty much anyone who is willing to help!

It can be in your garage or on the sidewalk where everyone is free to come and grab a bite, even of the humblest of foods.

Be their voice in your community

Many of the homeless and needy people in our communities are considered the scum of it and treated like trash and while it can be easy to overlook them as you go on with your life, you can use that beautiful God-given voice of yours and stand up for them.

I am yet to research effective ways to do that, but I am assuming that government facilities and bodies are your best bet at getting someone to do something in regards to how the homeless and the needy are treated.

Fight for ways to get them off the streets and for them to be treated well.

Get the educational books for the youngsters

Though they have been deprived of a lot, you can minimise that gap by providing educational books to the youth and even teaching them a little something here and there.

Try getting them into books that are going to promote their growth.

Get Bibles for all of them!

While we are on the topic of getting them books, get them the most important book of them all: Get them the Bible.

You can get one for a bunch of them to share because it is important for these people to rest their faith in something unmovable and unchanging and there's no one but God that is like that.

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