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What to expect from this email course?

Module 1

We’ll be working on framing your blog into what you expect it to be in a few years, going over what you should do to keep your foundations strong.

Module 2

We’ll walk all over the key points you need to know to choose the right blogging platform for your blog and what to avoid doing to not witness your blog crush and burn later.

Module 3

Here we will work on the design of your blog and what design aspects you shouldn’t overlook as they will define your brand image.

Module 4

Here is when we really start talking about all those bills you want to earn by going through how email marketing can help you earn money in a wink.

Module 5

To build a great blog, you need a great content marketing strategy and that is exactly what we will be discussing in some details. I’ll even let you in on how to create fresh content with ease without facing the common burnout many do.

Module 6

There’s no great content marketing strategy with a social media marketing one to accompany it. Learn which platforms work for bloggers, what type of content to share on social media and how to spread your influence there.

Module 7

Dolla, dolla, bill ya! This is the monetisation module where I will talk about the vary ways you can monetise your blog in your sleep or why you are on a nice Caribbean holiday.

Module 8

Just because I like leaving with a BANG, I added a little something else in this last module plus more hacks to get your blog noticed and loved.


Who is this for, exactly?

For newbies only

Ha, screw that lie! This is for any blogger out there that is tired on pouring her heart out in her content to only see no compensation for it or those sweet aspiring bloggers who don’t know where to start from. In other words, this blog is for all types of bloggers.

So, if you are really into starting and/or growing your blog and start earning money for doing what you love, then subscribe for this email course now and you will only be seven days away from establishing a profitable blog.

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