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EH #20

If you don't know where to start, start with God

Even if you don't feel stuck in life or on what to do, start with God. Start by having a conversation with Him and asking Him for guidance. 

EH #19

If you can't help, find someone who can

If you can help someone, do it! If you can't help them, find someone who can. There's always a way of helping someone, even if all you do is point them to someone who can actually help. 

EH #18

Let all of God overwhelm you

Let all of God overwhelm you with love, grace, comfort and assurance that you are cared for because you are. God loves you and He is taking care of you. 

EH #17

Give God another chance and watch Him work His magic

Maybe you have felt that God has disappointed you or haven't been listening and before you give up on Him, give Him another chance to show you what he has been doing in your life.

EH #4

God shows mercy to everyone, including you!

"The LORD is good to everyone; He is merciful to all He has made." (Psalms 145:9 NCV)

Even though we don't deserve all that goodness and mercy, God still delights in showering us with it, even those who reject them!

EH #3

It takes courage and vulnerability to seek help

Whether you are seeking help from a professional or a friend, I salute you for you have immense courage and enough humility to accept that you can't do certain things alone. Thank God for the people He has placed in our lives!

EH #6

God notices you in the sea of people

With so many prayers going to Him every day and so many children to lead back home, it is easy to think that God is too busy to notice your struggles, your problems and your prayers BUT, don't be mistaken. God is never too busy for anything and He surely notices you in the sea of people. Keep on talking to Him, He is listening!

EH #5

God is wokring behind the scenes so, trust in Him and His timing!

Even though you might feel as if God is ignoring you and your prayers, live fully convinced that God has never removed His focus from you and He is working behind the scenes. In His timing, He will reveal what He has been doing in you and your life. 

EH #8

Trust in the One who is known for doing more than expected

Trust God to do far more than what you expect Him to do in and through your life. 

EH #7

Take it one step of faith at a time

Trusting God's plans for us can be super scary because we don't always have the knowledge of where we are going but, you can rest assured that God will lead you to where you need to be, one step of faith at a time. 

EH #10

Keep expecting God to work miracles

Don't be fooled by the idea that miracles only happen to other people for God can work miracles in your life as well. 

EH #9

Never get tired of doing good

"We must not become tired of doing good. We will receive our harvest of eternal life at the right time if we do not give up." -  (Galatians 6:9). 

EH #12

It takes a while for a seed to become a tree. Keep watering it!

Not always will you see immediate results from your deeds but, keep on believing, keep on doing what you are doing and the results will come when the timing is right!

EH #11

Reward yourself for every achievement, even the small ones

Whether you have just got the job you wanted or you finished cleaning the house, give yourself a nice reward for your achievement. You sought something and achieved... Not many get that!

EH #14

Seek to live a life that shows God's greatness

Live in such a way that there will be no doubt that you belong to God and that you are living to show how great He is!

EH #13

Give yourself a small break

I know that you probably have so much to do and so much to get ready for, but don't overwork yourself. Step back and give yourself a small break from everything. Your body and mind will thank you later.

EH #16

Do things at your own pace and appreciate the progress

If you spend your days comparing where you are at with where the next person is, you will be building a highway to self-destruction. Instead of worrying about how far others are, do things at your own pace and appreciate the progress. 

EH #15

It's okay to take a break when you are not feeling okay

Sometimes, you might feel out of yourself or in a sour mood, and it is better to stay away from things and people, when you are feeling like that, than to let your mood affect the way you treat them or influence them.

EH #21

Seek to learn something new today

Whether it is through the Bible, through your conversations or a healthy interaction with technology, there's always a way of learning something new every day.

EH #2

Christ didn't die for you to live in Shame

When He died for you, He died to also kill your feelings of shame, which do not belong to those who are justified by their faith in Him. So, live fully convinced that God loves you and shame doesn't belong in your life. 

EH #1

Singleness is a beautiful season

Singleness is just like any season - a season filled with purpose and many chances to grow, so go make the most of it.