Why I ditched WordPress for Squarespace?

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Nowadays, starting a profitable blog it’s the getaway from a corporate job and the passport to getting paid to do what you want without stressing your life out while doing so. 

I’ve started blogging because I love writing — creative writing resembles the fuel to my fire — and I also love talking about entrepreneurship, social media and ways of making money online. 

I tend to talk about those things a lot and I since I don’t picture myself working for someone but myself — and for your need, of course — I created this marvellous blog where I share my best tips and tricks to help you grow yours one day.  

So, I had so many ideas of what to blog about that I expiremented a bunch of topics.  

I cruised in the lifestyle niche, but there wasn’t much for me to write about it because I’m more of down-to-earth ambivert that adores her alone time and doesn’t do much. I cancelled that idea out — at least for now. 

I tried speaking of social media marketing in general — I have always been a sucker for social media marketing — but Facebook and Twitter talk bored me to death because I was not passionate about those platforms. I was just doing to get people to notice me and it was draining my life out. 

I had to narrow my vision — I had to find what I was truly passionate about and it came to me that I didn’t mind spending three hours on Instagram and Pinterest figuring out how they work for brands and influencers.  

I didn't mind skimming through all the content in each platform and find the ones that stuck out like a sore thumb — the ones that truly brought value to brands and influencers — and I love studying their techniques, strategies. 

I found out that I loved writing about social media marketing but specifically about Pinterest and Instagram, and those were the main topics I was going to discuss.  

I was excited to put my content out there nas let you guys judge it and make use of it.  

I was ready to leave my notepad and dive into the digital world again and actually write about something I love doing and help people do the same. 

I was pumped with excitement and I was more than ready to get it all out there, but I made one huge mistake which costed me a lot of time and money.  

I decided to display my content on a free blogging platform and that was my downfall before I had even skyrocketed. 

Yes, before I could even taste what progress was, I was already taking a nosedive and the crash was too painful. 

I lost a lot of things.  

 Why kind of things? 

I lost my time and left money on the table because I chose a free hosting platform. 

I lost a lot of thing because I wanted something free and easy forget that easy things are not worth it and free things are never free.   

Sure, WordPress allows you create a blog with just a few clicks but you can’t get amazing templates with a free package — not even the personal package which is around 50 USD allows you to choose spectacular templates — only the Premium and Business package allow you that. 

You cannot monetise your blog with a free package deal — at least not through ads and even some affiliate platforms don’t accept to work with brands that are subdomains.  

 It’s okay if I don’t get the prettiest template — I’m a minimalist after all — but now getting brand deals and partnership with others stung me a lot because I was really looking forward to it. 

I had crafted a simple and valuable pitch for brands and influencers to let me guest post for them or at least work with me but they said that it appeared unprofessional to work with someone who wasn’t willing to invest in her blog — the platform she vowed to love and all. 

It felt like I was going cheap on my dreams and that was true.  

One day I said that enough was enough and began search for self-hosting platforms that would be ideal for a small blogger like me who doesn’t have hundreds to invest into a blog.  

Wehne I googled self-hosting platforms, platforms like BlueHost and SiteGround appeared on the first page of Google — the all-mighty ones.  

They seemed mighty and all, but they weren’t the platforms for me and it won’t make sense more many, but they aren’t as amazing as everyone makes them seem. 

Sure, both charge you 3.95 USD per month and Bluehost even gives you a free domain in your first year, but the features beyond the truth behind it all stands beyond their lead pages:   


As for BlueHost, you will still have to pay a ton of more money to have some extras that will help your blog function properly and that sweet 3.95 USD/month deal only works if you purchase a 24 months deal and it’s billed annually.

That’s a whooping 262.08 USD coming out of my pocket — money I don’t have and could only dream of.

It was huge no for me. Sorry, BlueHost.

And then there was SiteGround, the same “reasonable” deal until you go further into the details of the said deal and find things like this:


Oh, and that 3.95 USD/month (billed annually) deal only works for your first invoice and after that ends, you will be paying a goergous amount of 11.95 USD/per month (billed annually). 

If you decide to purchase the 24 months deal, they will charge you the special price offer until that ends and after that it’s the almost 12 dollars deal for you.  

Plus, there’s no free domain and you must get some extras to see something special happen to your blog.  

More like get some extra problems which I was really not into at the moment — maybe in another lifetime? 

Google also suggested Wix.com as well and other platforms of its kind and I was just simply not feeling it. 

For days I asked established bloggers which platform to choose and they would always point out either BlueHost or SiteGround which was a distaster for me. 

Defeated, I went to Pinterest to check for some advice or just scroll through the platform feed — what, I was working — and I landed on this post that saved my life.  

A post where I blogged was throwing tips on how to start a profitable blog and she mentioned the very platform that it’s not my die-hard favourite — not that I have experimented many but humour me, here.  

She mentioned a platform that I had yet to know about, one that I didn’t know that would be the solution to my problem and that’s platform is Squarespace

Oh, Squarespace, you are a Godsend. 

Now, why in the world would a small blogger like me ditch the top gamers like BlueHost and SiteGround and go for Squarespace?  

What does Squarespace offered that all those overrated platforms don’t? 

Well, they offer a whole lot of things that many might overlook but I made sure to not do so.  

Speak of offering things of value:

Free 7-days blogging course

Start a profitable blog in just seven days and receive a little surprise in the end. Go from newbie to elite blogger NOW!


Now, know just why i ditched Wordpress for Squarespace:

Why I ditched WordPress for SquareSpace.jpg


It’s optional payment methods   

The biggest turn-off for me are the platforms that ask me to pay everything I’m a freaking go. I don’t have 200 USD to pay at once — my bank account only see 40 USD a month.  

It was hurtful to know that I could a afford that platform if only they allowed me to bill my payments monthly and not annually.  

I felt like they weren’t considering people like me that don’t have 200 USD to invest all at once.

I just don’t and it was a breath of fresh air to find Squarespace who allowed me to bill monthly and explore all their features without having to pay for more of not talking about the domain name (20 USD/year). 

Just check this baby out the deal I scored:

Website packages: 




And now for the online store packages:  


When you think annually, you get 8 USD out every month and a FREE domain — this one it’s good, relax. 

I can’t afford annual billing so this was pretty convenient for me plus, I’ll be landing my first deal in my first month of using the platform so it is no big deal☺️ 

Squarespace gave me the option of either paying annually and being discounted or I can suck it up a bit and get all those features for 26 USD/month.  

They let me choose and that soothes my heart in a beat. 

Unlimited Bandwidth and storage 

I forgot to mention this but when you purchase the cheapest deal one SiteGround, you only get to receive 10k views per month and only 10GB of storage. 

If you want more than that, peach, you will have to purchase a bigger package. 

With Squarespace, you can receive as many visitors are your content and promotions allows you to.  

Can your content pull in 25k views per month? Don’t worry, Squarespace allows you to have as many views as you can — they don’t limit your potential.   

They actually help you spread your wings and fly beyond your imagination and others’ expectations. 

Do you have a lot of visual media and files to store? Guess what... 

You have unlimited storage, peach!  

I get unlimited storage.  

You get unlimited storage.  

EVERYONE gets unlimited storage and bandwidth. 

Their Drag and Drop Menu

You can drag your navigation, secondary, not linked and all kinds of menus to position them as you do find them appealing.  

You can easily add pages, links, subpages and much more with just a few clicks too.  


 Those all the thing you can add to your menu and drag whenever you fill they are not positioned well. I mean, not even WordPress has this — talking about the free one I used — and it’s pretty sick! 

User and mobile Friendly

How you design your website it’s how your viewers will see you and it’s easy to scroll down when you have a mobile-friendly website.

With most platforms like WordPress, you code it behind-the-scenes and only see how it looks when you preview it and it can suck hard when you code something wrongly and you see a poorly designed website.   

People like to see some eye-candy — not talking about men here, keep your head in the game. They have already prepared their brains and eyes to encounter a well designed website and when they face an eye-stabber website, their first move it’s to bolt out.  

With Squarespace, what you see is what you get and your viewers want to see an appealing design that they can easily scroll through.  

There are some platforms that don’t really ease things up for you when it comes to creating a mobile-friendly website and that really hurts their business because people are search more on mobile phone than on their desktops. 

Most of my views come from mobile phones and not desktops so it was satisfying to have Squarespace ease things for me.

Their goergous template land 

Squarespace doesn’t have a gazillion templates like Wix.com or anything.

It only has just a little over 60 templates but it’s the best in the business because they focus on quality rather than quantity. 

Their templates are gorgeous and they even ask you what’s the purpose of your website so that they can suggest the best templates for you.  

I typed “promote my blog” and it showed a variety of templates, some similar to the pela in the business ground and other similar for those in the community & organisation ground.  

They showed me a lot of them and I chose one that I found spectacular (Bedford) because it has a huge banner that I could used to show my pretty face — at least you know who’s behind all this — and write some tagline or a nice Call To Action (CTA). 

I chose that without looking at it’s features and it didn’t allow me to display my blog posts in a grid layout so I had to change into one that allowed it and I did that in only five minutes while using the drag and drop menu and adjusting my Blog Page style to Grid Layout. 

I was amazed by how quick you can change your templates and it doesn’t have to be immediately.  

Just in case I didn’t end up liking what I had done, Squarespace allows you to preview your changes before you turn that template into the live one.  

I could preview as many templates as I wanted until I decided which one was best for my blog. 

That’s just candy crush sodalicious great.  


24/7 great support 

Yeah, yeah, I know that almost every other platform there offers you 24/7 support but not all of them are like Squarespace and let me tell you just why (sit tight):  

  • They offer Live Chat from Monday to Friday

  • 24/7 social media support via Twitter and also email

  • They have in-depth knowledge base

  • Say hey to their community forum

  • Oh, their little YouTube-like video tutorials

Sure there isn’t a phone support but they still take the cake when it comes to customer support. 


Free Gmail G-Suite For Your First Year

For all those customers that chose the Website business, basic and advanced commerce packages, they get a free G-suite email for one user. 

After that, you pay around 6USD/month which it’s really not that bad if you truly invest in email marketing to compensate for the money invested and also give more value to your audience. 

This is all about the audience.  

Integrations here and there. Integrations everywhere. 

Squarespace integrates with a lot of brands that are valuable for your business to expand into something more than it already is. 

Besides having an all-in-one email marketing platform in them, they have also partenered with MailChimp but you can also connect it with other email marketing platforms like Mailerlite and ConvertKit through the use of simply transferring a code to your blog’s header and Ta-da! You have linked your favourite platforms.

I was using Mailchimp because it used to be the best free platform for new bloggers but recently they decided to make Automations part of a paid plan and not just any plan — one of their most expensive ones and it killed the whole game for me.

Given that I’m kinda new to all this email marketing, I went through a long research and met my new ally, Benchmark Email, and I must say that it is a million times better than Mailchimp as it also is free, allows the same amount of subscribers and this one actually has more advanced email marketing features which have scored me quite some new email besties.

If you are a newbie and into making money from email marketing then you should check Benchmark Email out and you will be just as amazed as I was when I first tried it and I have a tried a variety of different platforms, trust me. Benchmark is the best one out there and great for you to start monetising your list.

If you are not sure why you should be focusing on email marketing, you should know that you are not in control of your social media followers or anything, but you are in complete control of your email list because those people have indeed agreed that they are willing to listen to whatever you say and are there to support you.  

You get the chance to deliver your content to people who has shown that they want to be your audience and are willing to let you persuade them into becoming buying customers.  

So yeah, peach, you should be really into email marketing and there are a bunch of courses out there that can help you learn the ropes of email marketing and how to monetise from your list. 

With that said, if you are a newbie in this whole email marketing thing like me, you should consider using Benchmark Email.

However, if you feel like Benchmark Email is not for you — as pitiful as it may be — there are other great platforms like  Mailerlite due to their prices and features. Their email designs and integrations help any business or blogger build a ravishing email that converts to sales and you also have Converkit as it is the top choice of many bloggers and I see why. They provide beautiful signup form designs that every blogger out there wants, but their prices are relatively high — at least for me.  

Their basic plan it’s $29/month while Benchmark Email allows you to subscribe for free for up to 2000 subscribers and you can send up to 14k emails per month — that is more than enough for you to start earning Heavens a lot from your list.


Besides integrating with a bunch of email marketing platforms, Squarespace also integrates PayPal, G-suite, FedEx, Apple Pay.  

You can connect to as many social accounts as you want to. You can connect it with Dropbox where you can lead your subscribers to get your freebies — yay —, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter... peach, you can connect many social accounts. 

To top it off, you can add blocks like Instagram blocks to it. An Instagram block adds a gallery of your Instagram photos and this is super great for any business or individual — specially those strongly using visual content to attract more customers.  

Those are just a few of the “integrations and connections Squarespace has in store for you and they are all worth it, peaches. 


No Coding Knowledge Needed

If you have been following the growth of this website (blog) for as long as you have been interested in blogging as an income stream then you have noticed that my website has a minimal design to it — minimal colours, content structure and whatnot — and you must have thought that I knew how to design a website so easily that I managed to do t under one hour. 

W R O N G!!!

I’ve been interested in programming for a long time, I have taken a few lessons on SoloLearn and it was so much fun because I was doing something I kind of love — learn computer stuff — and the community out there was and still is spectacular. I’m actually thinking of going back there and not just because of what I have already mentioned but because they also have this testing area where you are free to create codes and see others’ code. 

As much as it was fun to be there and receive a bunch of certificates that I showed-off to my parents and sister, I was not qualified to be called a programmer or anything and I definitely only knew HTML and CSS (the basics)  when I left that place. 

I don’t know much about coding — I barely know how to make a functional app — and that’s why I was pretty damn grateful that I didn’t need to have any coding skills to create a breathtaking website on Squarespace.  

Just like the menu, when you want to customise something you just drag-and-drop a bunch of blocks that will help you design your blog. 

They have a lot of blocks to help you design as you please and it’s only a matter of letting your creativity flourish for your blog to shine. 

 trust and love Squarespace and I wouldn’t change for the world. It has helped me when I needed a platform that was a match for my blog and my conditions at the moment. 

I didn’t have enough money to spend on a $262/year deal to be billed at the moment. I could only afford to pay monthly and Squarespace understood that — they still do.  

They don’t hide their prices. They clearly states what’s in for you if you work with them and if you are still to start a profitable blog, I suggest — no, I beg — you to pick Squarespace.  

If you are not sure about it, you can always give it try by registering for their 14-days free trial. 

I only needed a day to decide if it was worth it or not and here I am now, trusting and loving Squarespace like these top brands:


 #girlboss foundation  


source: designbombs.com


Lyft blog  


source: designbombs.com


Activate Schools  


source: shivarweb.com

Those are only a few of the brands that believe that Squarespace has a lot to offer and just check where they are now. 

Don’t waste time and get that free trial deal!