Instagram strategy to attract your ideal customers

Your potential customers are, probably, on Instagram.

Alright, pretty much everyone is on Instagram these days. It's a pretty big and influential platform, mostly for millennials and youngsters, people like me.

Now, why would your potential customers be lurking there?

For starters, Instagram is all about how you visually represent yourself on social media and it gives your prospects the chance to see your brand personality and products before they decide to purchase them.

Secondly, people trust people's words easier than a brand's one, meaning that they love referrals about new brands -- at least I do. That said, they go to Instagram to hear about new brands that they might fall for and who is to say that one of those won't be yours?

Just think about it.

Anyways, as the information that your prospects might be looking for you, on Instagram, has sunk in, you need a strategy to attract them and that's exactly what I'll be disclosing here with you:


Create a custom hashtag and tell people to use it

Hashtags are a way of people finding you on social media through the use of tag words.

There are more than a thousand hashtags out there and you can use up to hashtags to be found by your prospects.

Seeing that hashtags are kind of popular and whatnot, why not have a hashtag specifically for your brand?

It might be tricky to come up with a catchy, unique and memorable hashtag, but this might help you grasp the attention of your potential customers.

With a custom hashtag, you can motivate your followers to create customer-centric content that you can then post and convince your prospects of the value they gain from purchasing your services or products, or whatever is that you sell.

Plus, you can easily monitor who has been talking about your brand, on Instagram, by just searching your own branded hashtag and going through the posts there.

I recently came up with one, #asknr, whereas people can use it whenever they want to ask me something. I believe it is great because my prospect and followers can raise up their doubts and I can cheerfully clear them out.

Clearly, you can create your own branded hashtag for other purposes as long as they help both you and your community.

Include a call to action

There's close to no point in you posting something and not directing your followers and future customers what to do with it.

Even if you don't post something, make sure that there is a call to action in your Instagram biography.

It can be one as easy as asking your customers to follow the link on your bio so that they can see the services or products you offer.

Or, asking your followers to tag people on you content, a way of increasing brand awareness and possibly gain a few more customers.

Whatever it is, just make sure that you always have a CTA.

Tag people or brands

I like to tag brands and individuals that inspire me to always thrive or to create content just as good or better than theirs.


Can't a girl dream?

Anyways, by tagging other brands or peers like you, you are increasing the chances of them actually reaching out to connect with you and, in the future -- possibly -- do business with you.

They can even help you attaining new customers by tagging or giving you a shoutout.

Besides getting new customers, you will as well broaden your network.

Have a hashtag strategy

Remember up there where I mentioned that hashtags are quite popular on Instagram, or any other social media platform, and that they help peers finding you?

Yeah, I wasn't kidding.

And I'm specially not kidding when I say that you can't just use hashtags as if you were on steroids or any other kind of drugs. You have to know how to strategically use them for your business/blog growth.

You are given the limit of thirty hashtags per post. Thirty and nothing more, at least at once.

So, make sure you know how to use that to your advantage.

Create a hashtag strategy.

You have thirty spaces to each fill with a hashtag so, you can carry a research on hashtags that function well for the niche you are catering for and use some of them on your posts.

Make sure to monitor each of them by going to their pages and seeing where you rank in or if the posts there are actually what the hashtags is all about.

I've gone with #socialmediamarketing as one of my posts hashtags and once I went to check on the content people use this hashtag on, I was startled to see headshots of people who had nothing to do with social media marketing.

That's pretty fudged up for me.

Make sure you check each and every hashtag you use on your posts so that you fall under the right one for your blog.

Here's a tip:

Don't go for overcrowded hashtags.

I know that they may seem fancy and even convenient, but they are tricky and nasty, not literally of course.

Why do I say that?

Well, because of their popularity, they tend to receive around 5 to 10 posts per second which means that if you use one of those hashtags, you posts would be lost in there because another 4 or 9 posts were published in the same time.

It's like being a small fish in the ocean, looking for attention like the rest of us.

I, for one, rather be a big fish in a small pond and get my fair share of the food out there.

So, dear peach, stick to hashtags with around 50k to 650k posts because those a less crowded than the ones with 2M to +10M posts.

Trust me, it will be worth it.

Geo-tag your posts

If you have a physical location, using geo-tags will help local customers finding you when they click on the said location you tagged. Your posts will be found amongst the others that used the same tag.

It's a great feature because it means that the prospects close to you can easily find you through that geo-tag.

I live in Mozambique so it's great to always be tagging where I'm at so that the peers close to me can easily know where I am, and can easily find me.

Geo-tag your Instagram posts and stories, and you are bound to attract the attention of prospects close to you.


Monitor everything you do on Instagram to see what's working and what's not, and if something seems irrelevant -- like some hashtags or geo-tags -- change them to attain other results.

Remember, our accounts are different and what might work for you, might not have the same effect for me.

Change a few things, if necessary, as a way of testing your strategies.