How to get people to guest post for you?

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For those who don't know what guest post is, it's when someone writes and publishes an article on someone else's website/blog.

It might not sound like much, but trust me when I say that it is.


First and foremost, it introduces you to a new audience with similar characteristics to yours, increasing your brand awareness.

Secondly, if you are spot on in the industry you cater for, it helps to build authority and paints you as a thought leader in your industry, building more credentials for you.

Thirdly, it helps building backlinks to your website meaning that it will improve your blog's SEO and make you a friend of Google.

These days, everyone wants to be a friend of Google and with great reasons -- a spot on the first page is like winning UEFA champions league.

It's amazing and it shows just how much you have invested in your blog to get there.

Anyways, guest posting helps a lot, but so far I have mentioned why it helps the person who writes it and not the owner of the blog.

Relax, we are getting there...

Why you should want someone to guest post for you?

Maybe the idea of having a competitor writing for your blog makes you want to throw up because, why in the world would you give leverage to the enemy, right?

You don't want to share your audience, as small or big as it may be. You worked your soul out to get them and sharing them sounds unpleasant.

They are yours and yours only.

Well, what if you want them to know a certain topic that you are certain that will help them grow but, you don't have enough knowledge of it?

Maybe it's not your area of business or simply something you still have to learn, but it's important that your audience gets that information.

Well, what will happen then?

Will you be selfish to both your audience and your blog?

Will you remain with your short-term mindset of not wanting to let a competitor write for your audience?

Because that's what it is...

A SHORT-TERM mindset because collaboration is key in any industry and if you don't want to collaborate with competitors, you are going to stay where you are as the others grow each other.

So, if you have ditched that poor mindset and focused on what's important -- your blog/community -- you will consider letting someone guest post for you.

And if you have no idea of how to get someone to guest post for you, well, sit tight and get ready for some tips:



Trade ( one for another)

This is whereby you agree with a blogger or whoever you want to guest post for you that you guys can trade guest posts.

You write for that person and, in return, she will write for you.

Social media groups

There are a bunch of social media groups out there that have bloggers announcing that they are looking for people to guest post for them.

These are a few of the groups I'm in and maybe you will find them useful:

Social media posts

I'm mainly talking about Facebook and Twitter, but you can also announce on Instagram that you are seeking for blog collaborators.

When it comes to Twitter, someone advised me to search #bloggerswanted and I did so, glad to find a variety of bloggers twitting about looking for people to guest for them.

Some are really specific, which is good and cuts out unrequited people.

Tip: You should post the requirements to guest post for your blog so that each possible contributor can see them.

Ask them in forums

I'm not really a fan of forums -- they tend to get kind of crowded and messy -- but they do hold some important messages in them and you might be able to find a few people looking for bloggers to guest post for them.

There are a few sketchy forums here and there, but I believe that Bloggers Forums is trustworthy.

Email them

Master ways of crafting a great pitch for you to deliver to your prospects.

Perhaps you want a certain blogger to guest post for you. You will need to take in mind that they might request for your blog stats, things like your average page views per month, how many subscribers you have... things of that sort.

When I was first asked for those things, I got lost in my own mind trying to figure out what they meant and I don't want you to go through that so do avoid such things.

You might want to find out what are the requirements your prospects ask for so to blog for you.

You don't need to write a 500 words email explaining why you want them to write for your blog. It can concise and authentic.

Having a services page

Rather you have a well-known blog or not, you need a service page where you will display every little work you are offering to your prospects.

On your services page, you can write about your guest post service and the requirements for said service.

As for me, I haven’t really designed my service page and decided that it would be great if I just showed everyone my media kit to avoid having people ask about my blog stats or even my Instagram ones. 


Last words

Guest posts can bring a lot of value to your blog but don't accept too many that they end up overcrowding your content.

You don't want your audience to be encountering most of your competitors' content on your blog. That just sounds ineffective and quite flat.

Before you go. . .  

If you went to check my media kit, you know that I offer guest posts and there are a few requirements for you to post on my blog. 

All can be discussed personally through the emails — nothing fancy — and if you really want to be part of my community, my new family just head to it and see if anything interests you.  

If you want people to guest post for you, you can comment about it in the comment section and let others know what you are offering.  

YES, I’m giving you permission to promote your GUEST POST offers here, but just this once so don’t get too ahead of yourself, peach.