How to get your first 10 email subscribers

I know, ten subscribers ain’t much to brag about to your competitors or future readers, but it’s sure a milestone that’s hard to achieve.

You might think that it only takes creating an awesome freebie and promote it a few times then hundreds of email subscribers will be knocking on your door and ready to be served.

You might think that writing a post about getting 10 subscribers it’s just a waste of time and that you should get out of here and jump to those blog posts that teach you how to get your first 100 email subscribers.

You might be thinking a lot of trash about this post but let me tell you what I am thinking by just typing this hypothesis.

I think that you don’t even have a single subscriber, if not someone you begged to be.

I think that you are here because you have read many blog posts about scoring 100 subscribers with just a steps that you are tired of reading over and over again to no avail.

I think you are here because you just want to know how to get started with this whole email marketing shenanigans that you hear that saves a lot of top blogs and sets bloggers to life with thousands of dollars per month.

If all that I think is wrong, you can exit from this post and head in head-first Ito those that teach you how to earn your first 100 email subscribers.

When I get my first 100 email subscribers, I’ll write about it and I’ll make sure to be as transparent as I am being with you right now about my first 10 followers.

If you haven’t noticed yet, this blog is written solely for new and small bloggers who don’t know much about the blogging world but are certain that they want to earn a lot of money from blogging.

I’m not an expert that’s going to be talking about what I did to be so successful. No…

I’m a blogger in between the newbie and small blogger area, done with being a newbie but not yet a true blogger that is earning at least $100/month.

I’m just a blogger that started blogging recently — talking about April 2019 — and want to help other bloggers like me make money from their blogs, one post and strategy at a time.

So, in this post, I’ll let you in on how I manage to get my first 10 subscribers.

Firstly, let’s start with the email service provider I’m working with…

How Benchmark Email helped me collect my first subscribers?

If you were expecting a post in tribute to ConvertKit, well, too bad.

Unlike many bloggers, I do not use ConverKit and not just because it’s expensive — I don’t have $29 to be spending on a email provider while I’m only starting with this whole blogging deal — but because I want to use a provider that offers more and it’s so underrated that I want to shed a light on it.

Even though it is not a provider used by many bloggers, Benchmark Email offers many features that all bloggers need to start and grow their email marketing, and most of those features are already offered for free. FREE!!!

If you want to automate your emails like I did with my blogging email course, you can just use the Automation Lite to do the trick and start sending those scheduled emails in a few minutes.

If you want to create simple and converting forms without stressing about coding, you can just choose the list you want to build a form for and design it as you like.

Oh, yeah, if you want to have more than just one list, feel free to do it as you can have as many as you do wish. The limit of all is that you can only send 14k emails per month and have 2k subscribers with the FREE package.

For all I believe, with 500 subscribers, or even 10, you can start making money from your email list and by the time you hit the 2k subscribers limit, you will be able to upgrade to the premium packages because you will already know how to at least make $50/month if you do things right.

Benchmark Email is amazing for beginner bloggers like you and I, and it helped me collect 10 subscribers.

Alright, that’s a lie.

MailChimp, the bastard, helped me collect one subscriber in about a few months when I had another blog, but Benchmark Email helped me with the rest and so much faster and effectively.

Unlike MailChimp, Benchmark did not charge me a cent to automate my emails and thanks to that feature, I was able to create my very first course, even though it is still free and you can access it here.

That course, helped me score five subscribers that are still with me, thank you guys.

Besides that course, I also gave out free Instagram story templates in exchange for email subscribers and that landed me about two or so subscribers.

And I have a general list for those who want to know all about my blog and myself, and that one has two subscribers.

That’s nine and let’s not forget that I have that extra subscriber form MailChimp which added to my email list which now makes up ten email subscribers.

Yup, I went crazy when I saw my first one and even recorded an Instagram story about it, my emotions pretty much everywhere and that’s saying a lot since I’m not really an emotional person.

But, how did I get those subscribers exactly?

Well, you are about to read some familiar content here but still uniquely written for you and based on my experiences.

You ready?

Let’s go.

1. I created freebies — free stuff for my readers

Everyone loves free stuff that will benefit them. Everyone.

That’s how big fashion and beauty brands collect so many subscribers every day — they offer coupons that make the fashionistas and beauty fanatics go crazy.

Those fanatics will willingly give their email so that they can get those $15-20 off deals the brands offer.

That’s just to show that people want free stuff that will benefit them and that’s something that I read and learn about in a few weeks after hearing top bloggers brag about just how they managed to score XXX subscribers from one freebie/opt-in.

With that sweet new piece of info, I decided to focus on creating freebies just for the sake of wanting new subscribers.

I decided to create a bunch of Instagram story templates and offer in exchange for emails even though I’m not that passionate about Instagram Marketing.

Recently, I murdered this blog’s Instagram profile because I felt trapped in it and it wasn’t even driving much traffic to my website so screw it.

Instagram is fun and all when I get to see what my football teams are talking about, see feeds that I care about but it’s no fun when you see your time being wasted on a platform that really is not helping my blog.

I thought I could be an Instagram marketer and teach people, just how Jenna Kutcher does, how to use Instagram to grown their blogs and business but I was wrong because that’s not my passion — I love talking about blogging and the best platforms that help you grow your blog.

So, when I created those templates, I thought that it would be just that and I would get a bunch of hungry subscribers ready to get pretty with their Insta stories.

I had forgotten that I was selling myself to be someone who was willing to preach about the greatness of Instagram for blogs even though I know none of it besides having a pretty feed and perhaps scoring brand deals much faster.

I was reminded that when people subscribe for those templates, I would have write more email content concerning Instagram marketing for blogs and I just didn’t have that in me.

It downed in me that I was so preoccupied on getting new subscribers that I forgot the continuous value that I was supposed to give them as the weeks went on.

I forgot that I had to nurture my email list.

Deciding that the second time I would focus on how to benefit my subscribers with continuous value without feeling trapped talking about something that I don’t love, I decided to create an email blogging course that lasts 7 days.

I wrote everything I know about blogging for beginners and I keep updating the course as I learn more.

Everything I learnt, I poured out in that course and I felt amazeballs. Damn, I felt great because I actually did something not just for my benefit, but also for the benefit of who ever trusted me with their email.

Just like how I managed above, I managed to score five subscribers with that course and it’s only growing. I just have to promote it more, I guess.

So what you should know about creating a freebie for your future subscribers:

  • Create something with extreme value

  • Create a freebie super related to your niche

2. Forms here, forms there, forms right and left!

With the help of Benchmark Email, I manage to create forms in a matter of two minutes and they allow you to both copies the URL to your form or copy the code and embed it on your blog.

Since I’m using Squarespace — a major upgrade from Wordpress —, I’m able to embed codes with ease by just opening the code feature in the editing menu and pasting my code there.

Seeing that it is that easy, I didn’t just make available the forms in their respective posts. I didn’t just display the course form on my post about starting a profitable blog for less than $100.

Nah, I have it on my homepage and other blog posts related to blogging.

Even my announcement bar it’s promoting my course and it’s not even a proper form.

One of the secrets to getting people into subscribing to your email list is by displaying, strategically, your freebie forms and not just placing them in your footer or header.

If you have blog posts that your freebies can relate to, peach, embed a form there.

Even on your homepage, get your forms there just don’t go overkill. No one likes spam, peaches.

3. Promoted my freebies

I’m not talking about paid ads or anything like that when I say that I promoted my freebies.

Nah, I’m talking about manually creating new pins amen constantly promoting them to get as many eyes on my offers as many chances of getting new subscribers.

I created at least three pins for each freebie and each with a different headline and description because I wanted to see what was working and what was just wasting my time.

Every day, for at least five days or even a full week, I would promote my freebies on group boards, my boards and even on my personal and the late Instagram feed of my blog.

I would go crazy and that craziness paid off because I scored those many subscribers and I’m proud of it. Baby steps, peach. Baby steps.

That’s pretty much how I have gathered 10 email subscribers but don’t think that I’ll be stopping there no.

I want to grow my list, it will bring money and a bunch of peaches who will love what I offer and my help.

What I’m doing to get more subscribers?

I started a community for new and small bloggers

One of the reasons I was so fixated on Instagram was that many bloggers had written that it was the place to create a loyal community for my blog.

I also heard that Facebook is the place to start a community in a form of a group. Yeah, I’m not really a fan of Facebook and I have seen how some people behave on those groups.

Thank you, next.

Knowing that it will probably take more pep talks for me to focus on my abandoned Facebook group, I decided to start something I have never heard of, something I was so afraid to do it because of fear but the badass woman in me forced me to go along with my crazy mind.

I decided and created a community here on this website that holds my blog, this blog, and my community, which is where I weekly post a new topic for my peaches to discuss and when the opportunity arises, some blogging jobs and brand deals that I have searched solely for my community.

In order to be part of that community, you need to sign up to my newsletter and I’ll give you a password to enjoy all the blogging opportunities you can find there.

New bloggers have the chance of meeting peaches like them and start an amazing collaboration project with either the bloggers they fraternise with or with brands that I’ll suggest they contact.

I even allow self-promotion at least once a month, a chance for bloggers to promote their blogs or whatever it is that they do to get money in hopes of getting more money and all the jazz around it.

Whoever is interested will subscribe to the list and will receive the code instantly. However, they will receive a new email weekly, notifying them of the new topic up for discussion or the brand deals out there or self-promotion day or week.

Even though I don’t have many subscribers there, barely three, I’m working on promoting it every day I’ll be working on my blog.

I want to grow this community, I really do, and I’ll make sure that I hit 50 subscribers by the end of 2019 just for it. I have five months left.

Want to join me in this whole growing your email list and making money from your blog rollercoaster?

Join the #newblogger squad!

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