Benchmark email: Best Email Service pRovider for new bloggers

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As a new blogger, you should start building an email list as soon as possible.

If you are a total blogging virgin and don’t know a single bit about an email list, lemme just walk you through what all the jazz is about…

What is email marketing?


Email marketing pretty much means sending a bunch of emails to your past, present or future customers.

It’s pretty much promoting your business through emails but without being spammy and violating the laws of email marketing.

One of the laws is that you mustn’t sent email to those who haven’t given you consent to promote your products to them and that’s one of the reasons why we bloggers start building an email list of prospects (future buyers).

When we shed tears and sweat creating an amazing freebie or lead magnet for people, we are doing so knowing that whoever gives up their email for something like a free blogging planner or an email course, is because that person is interested in what we are offering and they might be interested in what more of that kind of offers we have left.

That said, we collect emails from people who have given us consent to prove our worth to them and promote our products without cramming their inboxes.

When people sign up to receive regular email updates from you, wow, that’s something amazing because they have pretty much given you the green light to communicate with them on a deeper level and gradually show them what else you have to offer.

Unlike your social media followers, your email subscribers can be easily reached in a more personal way and they have pretty much given you permission to promote your services or products to them.

Your email subscribers are more likely to purchase your products than your social media followers and that’s because those are the people that have pretty much said: Hey, I liked your free planner and would like to see what you have more. This is my email, take good care of it or watch me drop your list faster than you can blink.

That’s just amazing.

An email list it’s just amazing and for every dollar you invest in it, your return on investment is of forty-four dollars.


However, before you jump straight out of this post to create your first freebie, just know that you need an email service provider and shouldn’t be collecting emails via Gmail or Hotmail or whichever of that kind you are using.

There are actually approved and trusted email service providers there that not only help you stay within the legal borders but also hell you building your email list efficiently.

Now, dear peach, there are a bunch of service providers out there and every bloggers chooses the one they trust the most or can afford at the very least.

I, for one, don’t have bags of money lying in my room, waiting to be carelessly invested on email marketing when I’m only starting.

When I get somewhat a handle of this whole email list thing more, I’ll invest more in my service provider but it will always be about Benchmark Email and I.

Yup, no Mailerlite or ConvertKit for me.

Benchmark is my choice for the best email marketing service for new and small bloggers because it has every feature you need to start and grow your email list.

They also have amazing and affordable plans, diehard customer service and easy-to-use tools that I feel were crafted for new bloggers to become pros in no time.

For starters, their drag-and-drop email editor makes designing and writing email so much easier and then you are slapped with their automation tools that make it simple to create professional and peachy emails or series.

For those reasons and so many more is why I trust Benchmark to be the best email service provider for new and small bloggers and in this post I’ll be telling you more about why I say that.

Firstly, let’s start with their:


Their first pricing plan is — drumrolls, please — FREE!

Not free as free-trial or any of that jazz.

I’m talking about having most of their features for FREE. Be able to automate your emails for free, Create beautiful forms for free and have a huge backup of features to assist you for Free.

Free, Free, Free!

Now, being a free plan it has its drawbacks like not including every feature, only being allowed to collect 2k subscribers and send 14k emails per month and not enjoying the Automation Pro feature, but you still have the Lite one which is more than enough for you and me.

Now, if you want unlimited sends, be able to create conditions in your email automations and enjoy so many other features that the free plan peeps aren’t, you might want to know that their pricing plans starts from $13,99 for 600 subscribers and stops at $32,199.99 for 7,14M subscribers.

The latter is the limit for the massive plan and it’s freaking a lot.

I know that I want to create a huge community from my email list but, damn, more than 7 millions is freaking terrifying but I would take the challenge ;).

I won’t be breaking down each plan from free to massive thoroughly, but you can see them here or just see the breakdown of a few subscribers milestones.

  • 1k subscribers — $21.99

  • 2.5k subscribers — $31.99

  • 5k subscribers — $51.99

  • 10K subscribers — $81.99

  • 15k subscribers — $106.99

  • 25k subscribers — $164.99

  • 50k subscribers — $254.99

  • 100k subscribers — $494.99

You can always check the rest of the prices in the site.

Customer Support

When you are starting with email marketing, things are always knew and a new provider can always get a little lost, even if you are using Benchmark like me.

When you are lost and want assistance, it’s of tremendous importance — Ui, fancy English — to have great customer support ready for you.

Besides the basic email customer support thing, Benchmark also offer live chat and and phone customer support.

You can chat with them lively and get your problems fixed right there Instead of waiting a few hours or even days to get your answer.

Imagine needing to fix a website design thing that only Squarespace staff cans help you with but you don’t wanna wait two or three days…

Instead of jumping to YouTube and search for a reliable video tutorial, you can just dial their number and give them a call to resolve the whole problems right there.

That sounds appealing to me.

Designing Tools

A great email design is essential for delivering your message effectively.

You don’t have to go all graphic like most big fashion stores that feel the need to showcase their latest trends.

No, if you want to be personal with your emails and give the vibe that you are pealing those formal layers, you need to write like you would to a friend or your mum.

It can be as simple as having a text-only email or include buttons here and there, images for the thirsty eyes and an audio for the sound lovers.

You can go crazy or minimalistic — Hey, fellow minimalists — but no matter the appearance you choose for your emails, knowing how to frame them and make even a text-only email look great is highly recommend.

With Benchmark’s drag and drop email editor, you can add everything you need to go either Gaga or Keanu Reeves.

In other words, go crazy or simple.

If you feel like the drag and drop editor is not enough even when it has high class features, you can always craft your email code for the design and feel awesome about it.

Whichever you choose, Benchmark shoots,


Ah, automations, the beauty and your ally of email marketing.

Thanks to them we can create email series that I used to create my 7-days email blogging course, welcome series that warm up the hearts of new subscribers, reach out to potential customers who left something in their shop cart and follow-up emails.

Everything mentioned above is most of what Benchmark offers with their automation features.

But aren’t automations solely for paid customers?

Nah, this ain’t MailChimp, peach.

Benchmark Email offers automation for every plan, including the free one.

If you are using the free version of Benchmark Email, you can automate your emails with Automation Lite which allows you to create series that can be timed and tracked with Google Analytics.

I created my first email course with the Lite version and damn, I was not disappointed with Benchmark.

They gave me so many timing options but I stuck with says since it is a 7 days course.

However, you can stick with hours or days of the week and you can add as many emails as you want.

For a beginner blogger, that’s more than enough as you should be focusing on crafting a great email message and making sure that the series works perfectly.

Now, if you are building an online shop like myself and would love to be able to run after the potential customers that left that products in the cart, you can go for the Automation Pro.

This one is impeccably amazing.

From abandoned cart emails to following up with a successful customer, this ones has more perks than the lite one. Duh.

Those things are all amazing but what I really love in the Pro one is their advanced automation features when it comes to email series.

Peach, my dear peach, it is amazeballs.

Not only can you do everything the lite one does — duh, again — you can add conditions and different triggers.

Let’s say that you just sent a new email about a free webinar you are about to launch and that demand of it it’s high since you know what you subscribers want.

That said, the space is limited and you make sure to mention that in your email.

A bunch of people click and sign up for it because you are awesome and they trust you but others don’t even click on it probably because they had no time to check that email or they did click but weren’t so sure about the signing up thing.

With Automation Pro, you can send another email directed to people who did click on a link — the sign up link — and boldly mention on your title that there aren’t only left a certain seats to the webinar that will change their blogs for the better.

I bet no one out there likes missing on a great opportunity that would benefit them tremendously.

The guilt of missing out would eat them up. I know this because I’ve experineced this a lot and even to this day there are something I look back at and be like, If only I had done it…

That sucks hard, I tell you. HARD!

So yeah, conditions can help you capture those lost subscribers and push them in the right direction.

And as a cherry on top of the cake, you can segment like a pro. Well, it the Automation Pro after all.

You can break down your lists by demographics, customer preferences — do they love more blogging emails or hearing about the new discussion threads in the community?

Oh, and so much more than that.

A/B split testing

 A, B, C, D, E, F, G — sent to your subscribers titles they wanna see.

I know, lame, but let me just say that the A/B split test is something I haven’t really tried but I know how it works and trust me when I say that I will be using it a lot.

Why, you ask?

Well, by doing an A/B split test, you can test different subject lines (titles) for the same email and see which one people are click on more and send the highest performing to the remaining subscribers.

You can compare if subject lines with emojis work better than those without out or if adding a button on your emails makes people click on it more than they would if it was simply a link text.

You can test your email campaigns and see which is working with this A/B spilt test jazz.


Hey, beautiful.

We ain’t done yet — we still have more than 300 hundred apps, services and brands that work with Benchmark to talk about.

Yup, more than 300 integrations.

Lemme just name a few of the big brands Benchmark has been sipping tea with:

  • Facebook

  • Shopify

  • Google — fudge, the big dawg!

  • Wordpress

  • Tumblr

  • Zapier

  • Flickr

  • PayPal

  • Pinterest

  • Survey Monkey

  • LinkedIn

  • Etsy

  • Ebay

  • Twitter

  • Slack

  • Stripe

I was definitely not going to name all the 300 hundred ones. They are not even three hundred — they are way more than that and all so that you can be collecting subscribers right, left, center and back!

Don’t miss out…

If you really want to see your new blog thriving — or even your big one if you are pro in blogging — then Benchmark Email is the best email service provider.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities email marketing and Benchmark Email has for you.

Start collecting those emails and spread your love through bombshell email campaigns now!