Best affiliate programs for new bloggers

If you are a new blogger who wants to start monetising her blog from day one without coming out as spammy with a bunch of ads displayed everywhere on your blog or without spending weeks or even months creating your own passive products, then you should really start investing your time in affiliate marketing.

For starters, affiliate marketing pretty much means that you will be promoting someone else’s products or services and for every conversion of a lead — rather someone clicks on your links or even buys something through it — you receive a commission at no extra cost for your reader.

Basically saying, you are receiving money for promoting someone’s services or products.

You won’t have to create your own products or display a bunch of banners everywhere (you can, but it depends on you).

Someone who is an absolute expert in all the affiliate marketing jazz going on in the world is Pat Flynn.

Lad has got skills in that department and those skills and knowledge help him generate more than $50,000/month in affiliate income.


Are you even making $50 in a month? Or even $5/month?

I bet not and as much as you pick one or a bunch of affiliate programs from this post, you won’t make it big if you don’t learn about using affiliate marketing to generate a lot of income.

Affiliate marketing isn’t about just sprawling out a bunch of links on your blog posts and email list. Nah…

It’s about having strategies to display those links in the right place and how to craft stories that lure your readers into purchasing through your affiliate link.

Pat Flynn teaches you how to work with affiliate links and start earning money from it.

If you want to learn from an expert like him, you can just go to his blog or purchase his course that goes through everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

Be warned though, the course is not really affordable for bloggers of your tier. That if you are really a new blogger…

Any who,with the course or not, you can still learn to make money through affiliate marketing and the following are the programs you can choose to work for.

General Affiliate Programs


These are the sites that pretty much promote any product from any niche so if you don’t want to be specific with things, you can pick from here:

Travel Affiliate Programs


This is a popular travel site that’s focuses on reviewing things for tourists to do and they also allow you to book hotels, restaurant reservations and whatnot.

Besides being famous for its services, it is also famous to many travel bloggers due to their 50% commission rate whenever you recommend. 50% it’s a really high commission rate that not many affiliate programs are providing out there. It’s a great deal for me, don’t you think, travel bloggers?

They are literally a travel affiliate program that prides themselves on being the ideal affiliate program form my travel blogger and I have to agree with them, peach.

They cover a range of services that go from car rental, hotel bookings, restaurant reservations and even allows you to promote flights. With so many integrations with top gamers like Airbnb and, I would expect them to offer small commission but these guys don’t go cheap.

Nah, they offer up to 80% of commission rate to their affiliates and that for me screams great deal.

They pretty much focus on hotel bookings and all the services around it, offering their affiliates a solid 4% rate in commission.

I know, you are probably ready to stone me for adding such a small paying programming in a post labelled as Highest Paying Affiliate Programs for new bloggers, but here me out on this…

Many hotels don’t come cheap and if a person uses your affiliate to book a room worthy of $1000, you are not going to tell me that $40 dollars is a small amount to receive for just sending someone to that website.

Sure, you might receive $10 or less sometimes but you might also receive $100 or more, who knows?

Finances Affiliate Programs


This is an accounting software that offers an industry leading commission of $5 per free trial signup and $55 per paid subscription.

They are an insurance company that pays you when a quote is issued and their commission can range from $3 to $17 depending on the type of insurance each leads issues a quote for.

Fitness Affiliate Programs


They pride themselves on being considered the world’s most trusted name in fitness. I will only believe it if any fitness blogger out there confirms to me that they can indeed be trusted — friend’s recommendation always beats a brand’s words and that’s why they are giving you a chance to recommend their services and programs to your friends and receive $8 in commission.

Get paid a commission rate of 15% for new customer and 5% for recurring ones just for providing your audience with amazing fitness info and valuable supplement deals.

These guys are focused on bringing the gym to your home, something I really like because I really don’t have the time to go to the gym or the money to be spending on it every month!

If you are a blogger into home fitness routines, you should sign up for BowFlex’s program as they will pay you 7% of all sales made through your links.

They also sell a bunch of fitness equipments but to clubs as well, not just any other fitness person. They offer a commission rate of 8%, taking in mind that their equipments aren’t for the cheap.

Fashion Affiliate Programs

Fashion Affiliates.jpeg

These are perfect for bloggers looking to recommend the latest fashion trends on out there and make money from it.

I’m no fashionista — I have minimal taste in clothes, my wardrobe predominated by black, white and grey, and focused on the essentials — but I do know that there are niches in the fashion industry.

Yup, just like how I prefer minimalistic clothes, there are those that prefer colourful ones or trending ones, so you will have to narrow down to one niche and promote products specific to that niche so that you can see great results when it comes to your commissions.

Alright, let’s see what programs you can sign up for:

I love H&M because they do have many minimalistic clothes and those clothes are so damn soft and make me feel really comfortable. They are not the cheapest brand out there, trust me when I say this, but they are also not expensive.

They are affordable for anyone who has $100 to spend on shopping and whatnot and they are one of the best brands out there when it comes to offering great clothes and affiliate commissions that go up to 7,4% in rate.

If you are a fashion blogger or just anyone who doesn’t like to waste a lot on fashion, you have probably heard of dear Zaful here.

They are an online shop that offers exciting and edgy fashion apparel, and I can prove this because I have ordered one or three things there and they are cute and have that minimalistic vibe that I love so much.

Anyways, they offer commission rates of 15% to 20%.

I don’t know much about this brand because they don’t have it in Mozambique but I do know that many people go crazy for it, something about cheap prices and trending clothes.

I don’t know, I don’t follow fashion brands if they do not offer clothes that I’m into. H&M is my boo so I follow them — everything has an exception.

If you are into promoting their clothes, you should check out their program and start receiving in commission rates that start from 4%.

This is a popular affiliate program for fashion bloggers because you can create a shoppable blog post with their widgets and they also have connections with top gamers in the industry.

Beauty Affiliate Programs

Beauty Affiliates.jpeg

I’ve heard of Sephora somewhere in this world, but I can’t say that I have seen their products.


Makeup is not cup of tea so I don’t really focus my energy on those things. However, I have heard some people talk about it’s quality and how they would die for their palettes and whatnot.

If you are a beauty blogger or influencer, you might want to be part of their affiliate program as they offer commission rates of 5-10%.

I’m actually amazed to see Avon here since it is one of the brands I actually used their products. Now I’m all in for eco-friendly brands that support my values like Lush — oh, dear lush.

However, if you wanna go for Avon, just know that they are great as well and offer commissions rates as low as 3% and as high as 10% depending on what kind of products you manage to get people to purchase through your custom links.

They are an online hair colour company that offers a commission of $20 and they also have referral bonuses of $10 for each new affiliate. Their commissions are specified in their page.

As the name says, they are all about cosmetics and all that jazz that I really don’t pay attention to. When it comes to makeup, I only go for lipgloss or lipstick if I’m feeling too feminine at some point in life.

Even though I’m not into makeup and all that, I do know that at least more than half of the female population in my country love, LOVE, makeup. It’s cool, they love makeup and I don’t, people have different tastes so no judging.

Anyways, if you know that your readers are cosmetic obsessed, you should really go for BH Cosmetics affiliate program.

Their commission rate if of 8%.

Sports Affiliate Programs


Fudge yeah! It’s sports time!

For those who don’t really know me, just know that I’m a die-hard sports fan, specifically a football (soccer for Americans) fanatic.

There doesn’t go a day where I don’t stalk a single Football Instagram page or watch a single football match.

Also, there doesn’t go a year where buying sport stuff is easy. Football tickets are rare to find even three months prior to a match.

If you are a sports fanatic like myself and know about all the sports jazz out there, you know that we are in a crazy world that it’s constantly growing.

From new home and away kits, fan products and match tickets and post-events, there are so many things you can use to gain money from and all you have to do is find the right program for you.

They have sports goods for every kindness of sport out there. They even have for cheerleading which I really didn’t know that is a sport at all…

If you are a tennis fan, like myself, you have got a lot of great stuff there to promote like that sweet Wilson Blade 9.8 that I wanted so bad back when I was having tennis lessons as a beginner (Yes, I play tennis! Also football).

Even if you are a Rugby or even Golf fan, they have what you want.

Their commission rate, on average, is of 5%.

They are one of the top gamers in providing licensed sports merchandise and offer commissions rates that go up to 10%.

When I first went to USA, we went to so many malls (back when I used to love shopping a lot) and one of the shops my mum was dying to go to was Under Armour.

They have great sports gear, apparel and merchandise out there that even Dwayne Johnson promotes them.

Yup, that lad from the Fast & Furious that throws a lot of people away and breaks walls plus it’s made of tons of pure muscle, is promoting Under Armour.

He knows just how great they are and even though you will probably not receive as much as an elite movie star, you will still be able to receive 5% of ever sale you make.

Web-hosting Affiliate Programs


Lemme just say, before you dive in, that I’m truly disappointed that Squarespace doesn’t have an affiliate program.

Firstly, I’m their baby and I would be more than glad to receive money for recommending them.

Secondly, they are letting a lot of prospects miss out just because not many bloggers are motivated to promote them for free.

Since I blog more than just for money — believe me or not — I’ll just tell ya now that Squarespace is amazing and there’s a freaking good collection of reasons why I chose it over Wordpress.

Trust me when I say that Squarespace is the best hosting platform for new bloggers.

When I started blogging for real, like to receive money from it, I jumped into a Wordpress and regretted then sole bloggers recommend Squarespace and I fell in love on the spot.

If you are not sure about my words, you can start for free and see just how amazing Squarespace is.

Anyways, let’s see other hosting platforms that many bloggers love:

Yup, this one I’m sure you have heard of. Even aspiring bloggers have heard of this web hosting platform.

Many bloggers make a lot of money just for promoting Bluehost just because they claim that you can start a blog for only $3,95/month.

Please do not fall for that genius marketing message.

Yes, one of their package deals offers that but the others don’t. Some are more expensive and others cheaper.

They are cheap until you have to pay for website security, register of your domain name and other matters essential for your blog that will amount to more than $150 dollars in the moment of checkout.

Um, I bet you don’t have that money right away, do ya?

Anyways, they do offer a big commission payment of $65 per sale made through your affiliate links.

I believe man bloggers cry on their first day of purchasing the service because they know that they will be able to earn more than they wasted on the platform.

With just two sales, you already have $130 in your bank account.

I’ve gotta handle it to BlueHost, that’s a lot of money to earn just because two people trusted me on the purchase of their services.

Since I recommend that you only promote services and products that you use, be sure that you are using BlueHost so that you can promote it and keep that integrity value that many love so much.

Just know that you will require to know a little, or a lot, about coding to craft a beautiful design that you can do it in minutes with my buddy Squarespace,

Well, each with their own, right?

Funny name to say and high paying web-hosting platform that pays you $75/sale.

They have a similar vibes as BlueHost so I won’t be jazzing about them that much.

Just know that you can earn a lot from this old fella here.

This is another web-hosting platform that has a fine affair with Wordpress and they offer commission payments up to $100/sale.

By joining their program, you get an access to marketing tools like banners, text links, great article content, and email templates.

Speaking of email templates…

Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

Email Marketing Affiliates.jpeg

This the service I’m currently using to spread out all my love through emails and it’s bloody amazing, not to brag.

I freaking love it with their drag and drop design tools, simple yet appealing templates, amazing bonuses and services and so much freaking more.

They have most features that others don’t possess and a free plan, y’all. So many things and for FREE.

You can check them out here and join them now as a free client (crazy, huh?) or you can join them as an affiliate and start receiving recurring commissions at the rate of 25%.

If you are truly a blogger, no matter if you started blogging two days ago, you have probably heard of how many bloggers LOVE ConverKit.

Damn, some bloggers really love this service and I see why they love it since it’s a service brought out by professionals and bloggers for people of their kinds.

They are made for bloggers, that’s what their tagline says anyways, and they aren’t really the cheapest out there.

No, $29/month ain’t cheap for me. It surely isn’t for you if you are a new blogger who isn’t even earning $10/month yet.

Any who, if you want to promote ConvertKit, feel free to do so as their recurring commission rate is of 30%

Definitely the cheapest email marketing service I have ever come across in my beautiful life.

Seriously, they are like $10/month on a package that Mailchimp, meh, offers for more money and less features. The fudge?!

I tried being part of their family but they denied me. Yup, they said that my blog wasn’t eligible to be serviced by them — they broke my heart — and that’s something that will probably happen to many of your readers if they don’t meet the standards of the platform.

If you wish to promote Mailerlite, go straight ahead as they offer recurring payments at the rate of 30%.

Last words…

Affiliate marketing is not only a thing for brands and big shot websites.

There are bloggers that also offer affiliate opportunities for bloggers like you and I only have a few in mind like one of my favourite blogs, StrayCurls.

Stray Curls is a blog for creatives and bloggers and she talks about productivity and blogging, plus being creative and all that jazz.

I love drawing, art in general, but actually blogging about it ain’t just what I was brought here to do.

You can check her affiliate offer here.

Oh, and you can also sign up to my community newsletter so that you can become member of a group of female new bloggers who are willing to collaborate with you, be in a place where job offers will be displayed and you will probably score a few brand deals.

Plus, in the near future, I’ll be starting an affiliate program for my planner made for all types of bloggers, turning any newbies into a pro.

You can sign up for the community here and check the $6,99 planner with more than 50 pages here.


Also feel free to drop your opinions in the comment box and choose a topic of discussion for our community there, too.

I’ll read everything!!!