9 ways to dramatically improve your Pinterest marketing

Pinterest is a great platform to promote your brand, but it also can be tricky to do so... trust me.

It is easy to fall under the impression that only time will define your success and that everything will be alright with just a few great posts.

Don't be that naïve, peach.

You need great tactics to improve your marketing on Pinterest and just posting amazing graphics won't do you justice.

Below I will introduce you to twelve ways of improving your Pinterest Marketing:


Crafting Eye-catching graphics for your brand

One of the easiest ways to grab the attention of pinners you want to click through to your website is by using eye-catching pins.

Things that catch the eye of pinners are tall images, warm colours even though I love neutral and kinda cold ones, and images that are uncluttered. 

Many of my pins have dark, neutral or cold colours like grey, black and white, and the images there make it up for the lack of warmth.  

You might want to make unique graphics that stand out from the crowd just like how Angela does with Stray Curls’ graphics: 


There’s no way I can come across graphics like that and not be like: Wow, what has Angela been rambling about now? — in a good way, of course 🤓

You want that kind of questions from other pinners. You want them to instantly recognise a pin as your own and click on it because they know that it’s a promising one or at least the visuals say it is.  

Place your best boards on top

You want your audience to be wowed by the beat board you have there and stay to see what else you have in store for them.  

I made sure to feature the most relevant boards of mine which are my blog’s board along with the social media marketing, blogging, entrepreneurship and content marketing ones. 

These are the boards that have a lot to do with what I’m talking about on my blog and even rambling on social media. 

It’s always a good idea to feature your best boards and those are the one that have the highest number of repins, the most followers and that are related to your niche.

I made sure to organise my boards manually in a way that I positioned the most relevant to the ones that practically are blocked from my viewers’ eyes. 

Post Frequently

I must say that I don’t really spend a lot of time on social media, unplugging it’s good too, but when I dropped by Pinterest, I make sure to pin at least 50 pins and try to make it 60/40 where I pin most of mine and least of the others. 

Most pinners like to go for 100 to 150 pins per day and do it 50/50 which is great as well, but Pinterest suggests that we pin more of our own content. 

I mean, it makes freaking sense as we are there to grow our brand and pinning more of others’ content will kinda block the spotlight for our content which is something that no one wants.  

Sure, do pin some of others content if they bring a lot of value but also pin yours.  

It’s best if you know that Pinterest prioritises your first 5 pins of the day — sending it to your followers and all of those who are interested in you. That only proves that you should make sure that the first pins you share are yours and then you can go and discover other great ones.  

Read and respond to Pinterest Analytics

Ensure that you review Pinterest analytics at least once a week. Evaluate your click progress, impression and repin. This will help you know which images and boards are attracting more attention.

I tend to visit my analytics at least once in two weeks to see which pins are getting a lot of engagement and which ones are sinking faster than the titanic. 

With the help of Pinterest analytics, I have seen that my pins about Instagram and Blogging are more popular than the actually Pinterest ones — people seem to want to be Insta famous a lot these days.  

With that information, I try do deliver more content regarding Instagram and Blogging, and sure enough, they do better than the Pinterest ones. 

Without studying my analytics, I wouldn’t know that and that means that I would always insist on the Pinterest ones while they were doing less than the Instagram and Blogging ones.  

With that info I just disclosed, you should know better than ignore your analytics.  

Include keywords in your board's descriptions

Being that Pinterest is pretty much a visual search engine, they kinda operate like Google and Google loves a great keyword strategy meaning that Pinterest feels the same way. 

Keywords, when used strategically, can help Pinterest showcase you to the pinners who are more than willing to promote your posts for you by sharing it with their peers. 

Also, when you use the right keywords your audience uses to find something, you have better chances of being discovered.  

That said, you need keywords everywhere you leave a mark. On your profile name, on your boards, bio and pins descriptions. EVERYWHERE! 

Update older pins that aren't performing

If your posts aren’t getting traffic from Pinterest, it could mean your pin is not as attractive as it could be.

Perhaps it was the thing back in 2016 but now things have changed and what you said back then has gotten an upgrade meaning that your post must be updated as well.  

Just like this post, I have to be constantly updating it because better ways of improving your Pinterest game always knock on the door and I am bent on delivering them to you. 

Update your content and update your pins. Maybe the design you used the last tile has lost its touch and you need to give it a little something to make it more appealing.

Start your own group boards

Group boards are great for gaining traffic from a new shared audience. 

I am in a few boards where they have beyond 7k followers which means beyond 7k pairs of eyes who might see and enjoy your content.  

Now, that it’s just how things are if you are a participant.  

When you become the owner of a group board, you have more benefits as people will follow more of your boards and be doing the pinning for you which will make Pinterest love you and place you on their smart feed.  

Having a group board has the same feeling as someone doing all the hard work for you and you getting the recognition. It’s sounds unfair but they also get their share of the deal. 

Promote pins

Maybe you are not getting enough visibility or traffic through organic reach, maybe you just need something more.

Something like promoted pins (Pins ads).

You can pay the amount that you feel the most comfortable with and make your life easier.

When I started this blog, I did it to help people grow their blog’s organically without the need to pay for ads meaning that I’m not a fan of ads even though I have played with them a few years back.  

When you don’t know much about ads strategy, you tend to make the stupidest mistakes that eat away your money. 

So, dear peach, use ads if you are really desperate and have money to spare. 

Tell people to follow you through other social media platforms

If you have other social media accounts, to shy out from promoting your Pinterest one on them.

Who knows? Maybe your next big group of Pinterest peers is strolling on other social platforms.

Take the chance. It won't hurt ya.

Oh, and if you want to receive more tips like this, just ask me a question and I will respond as a blog post. 

Alright, peaches, I’m out!