8 Instagram story ideas to boost your engagement rate

Surely you have heard of Instagram stories, right?

If not, get a life and just know that they are one of the best ways to connect with your audience.

Did you know that Insta stories are watched around 250 million times a day? A DAY?!

Insane, right?


So now you know that Instagram stories open a lot of doors for you to engage more with your audience especially when used right and to use it right, you need the right content for it.

Let's not lie to ourselves; there always comes a time when we are lacking creativity and we just need that little -- or big -- push to boost the creative in you.

Worry not because there are a bunch of story ideas out there, some that may not work for all yet boost your engagement rate like crazy.

Features such as polls and swipe up let's people like us know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Let's say you that you are out of content ideas and believe that your audience's input will help you a ton. So, you just roll the Questions feature and ask them what post they wanna read next.

I know that it is a difficult challenge to continue to entertain people on Instagram but, as always, y'all girl is here to make your life easier.

Even if you are not a newbie, just a pro running low, you always need to have fresh and brilliant Instagram story content on a regular basis.

Don't sweat about the 24 hour mark and whatnot. You can save your save in your Highlights!

Highlights help your followers seeing your Insta stories whenever they want without worrying about expiring. Yeah, that's a topic for another post...

Remember, if you have a business account you can easily see your analytics such as actions taken on your Instagram Stories.

For now, get to know the 8 Instagram story ideas to boost your engagement rate and…

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Tell us who you are.

I cannot stand fakes and I bet this goes for you too. To avoid following fakes, you need to get to know the people you follow and Instagram Stories gives you the chance to be as real as global warming to your audience.

You don't have to spill out your darkest secret to your audience but some funny facts would be great.

Maybe you are a bit of camera shy and standing in front of a camera scares the life out of you.

No one ever said that you must show your face to be real. You can just write those facts in a visually satisfying way, maybe by using templates.

As long as you tell us who you are, we are cool with it.

Have fun with features

One of the best ways to bring more attention to your Stories is to use the features Instagram offers.

Playing with features like a location tag or adding in a fun gif will make your stories more appealing. The location feature will get more views to your story And you stand a chance of being featured in the location’s overall story where even more people can see your story.

How about that?!

Share your favorite quote

I absolutely love quotes. I just love them like crazy!

Inspirational quotes? Hell yes!

Joker quotes? The guy has wisdom.

Empowering quotes? You know the drill.

I just really love them and tools like Canva help you create Insta-story-like graphics for free!

F R E E!

Simply choose one of their templates and add a quote or you can use the Instagram Story Type feature and share it.

I prefer Canvas but it's up to you.

Add in a call to action

I've got to say that my little sister uses this one more than I do and it works nicely for her.

Whenever she posts a new photo, she immediately jumps to her Instagram story and tells people to go and check her new photo. She never forgets to ask them to like and comment on her pic and, not much of a surprise, she receives what she asked for.

The same can happen to you wether it’s asking to go to a link, liking or commenting on a new Instagram picture, or just swiping up to see your new blog post, still boosts your engagement rate.

Daily routine

Maybe you are out of inspiration and see nothing else to post.

Whisk those thoughts out of your mind because your daily routine can be used as content for your Insta story.

But Nicole, my life is fudging boring.

Says who?!

What may be boring to you may actually be amazing for me. You don't really know what I like and don't, and maybe your so-called boring life actually makes me happy.

You will never know until you try.

Questions and Answers

Remember the example I gave above about just asking your audience about what they wanna read?

Yeah, that one.

Well, you can just let them ask you whatever and engage with each of them in a deeper level. Just make sure that you answer to all of them.

Don't let them feel insignificant. Not cool at all.

Your latest Blog post

Did you just hit publish on a new blog post and want to promote it to your peeps?

Instagram stories is a great place to start since many of your followers will see your insta-story.

If you have a big enough following, probably around 10k, you can use the swipe feature that will send your followers straight to the blog you are promoting.

If you are still growing your following, you can tell them to visit the link in your bio so that they can read the post.

There's a solution for everyone.

Go live or go home!

Instagram live is the opportunity to have a spontaneous chat with your followers. The great thing about Instagram Live is that it can be shared afterwards on Instagram Stories so you can get some post-engagement going as well.

Make sure to prepare for each session so that you don't look like a fool in front of your peers.

How about you host a Q&A session where everyone gets a chance to ask you a question and you can do the same with them?

Now those are the kind of Live videos I join.

So there you have it.

Make sure to tag me -- @n.i.c.k.y__ -- on your interactive stories so that I can be one of those awesome people that boost your engagement rate.