5 ways to monetise your blog

*Disclaimer: This post might contain a few affiliate links. This means that if you click and/or purchase something through those links, I gain a portion of your purchase with no additional cost for you — check my disclaimer policy to learn more*

There are many ways you can monetise your blog and before you can start whining about not having thousands of viewers per day, just know that it's possible to monetise even when you have fewer than 1,000 views per day.

The idea is to at least manage to gain something from your hard work, even if it isn't $10,000/month.

Just know that it takes time to build a steady income with blogging and each and one of us works in their own way, will be in a different stage of a blog lie cycle and will face different struggles... probably.

I'm blabbing too much.

Bottom line is:

You will have to be patient and consistent to start receiving, somewhat, the results you desire.

There'll probably be times when you will feel like everything is conspiring against you and even then, don't you dare give up.

You hear me?


Anyways, let's see how you can monetise your blog:

Five ways to monetise your blog.png

Affiliate links

Affiliate marketing is probably one of the most underused ways of generating passive income and it's shocking because it's one of the best at doing it.

Affiliate Marketing is basically, given what I understood, you promoting individuals and business' products/services on your blog, website or other platform through the links they provide, receiving a small percentage of each sale made through your link.

Let's say your audience it's all about the food industry and your promote, um, a blender you find useful -- don't bite me, I'm not a pro in the kitchen. For each person that buys that blender through your link, you receive a percentage of their purchase.

Imagine if this happened continuously and each month you were making around $100. It might not be much, but at least it's something, right?

For it to work for you, or anyone, just make sure that you promote products/services relevant for your audience.

Let's dig into my blog, as an example.

My blog is mostly about Pinterest and Instagram marketing, blogging and entrepreneurship tips and strategies for aspiring and small female bloggers/entrepreneurs.

It would be pretty stupid of me to promote a makeup bag knowing that fashion is not mine or your thing, or just the thing you are here for.

I would probably gain something from it, seeing that any one of you can be into that sort of thing, but I would definitely gain more if I promote something relevant to my peaches. . . I'm think of a blog planner or a bunch of social media printables that would help you a lot.

You should also opt to promoting quality stuff because it's your audience's trust you are working with here.

You break that and you are toasted.

Sponsored posts

A sponsored blog post is when a company or individual pays you to write a post on your website or blog in concern of their product or service. It's usually an opportunity for them to promote their goodies on your website, given that their target audience has the same characteristics as your blog audience.

It doesn't matter if you have a small blog or a high-shot one. As long as your audience is highly engaged, you can still earn a few bucks from it.

Just make sure that you advertise your offers on your blog, maybe by creating a page whereas you display all the services you provide so that businesses and individuals can contact you.


If you don't want to do much to get that income, you can always set your blog up for ads.

There are many online advertisement platforms out there, probably one already that belongs to your blog host -- just like the one WordPress has.

You can always use the platform from your blog host or seek for the aid of platforms like Google Adsense and propellerAds.

Just remember that you might need a lot of (interacting) visitors to see the income you desire.

Digital products

Let it be worksheets, cheat sheets, planners or any other digital products that your audience needs; they can sell like crazy.

From a $10 business bootstrap book — awesome book if you want to learn how to start a business for less than a hundred bucks — to a $10 annual blog planner, there are many ways you can use your creativity and audience needs to generate passive income through digital products.

If you don't know where to start from, there are many courses out there that can help you crafting a nice products that could sell even in your sleep.


I believe there's a skill of some sort that you are pretty good at, probably a pro, and that people are willing to pay for it. Use that to your advantage.

As for me, I'm good at social media marketing/management meaning that, I offer those exact services to whoever feels like paying for them — that if those people or corporations want to grow their brand online.

Even if you think if your skill is useless, there are people out there that are willing to have bills for it and make your life better.


Don't get me wrong. There are probably more ways of you monetising your blog, but those five up there's are the ones I place my bet on.