5 habits of Instagram experts and why you should have them

Sometimes I do just fine on my own, guide my way through difficult times and tasks, but there are just sometimes when life won't cut me some slack.

Those are the times when I seek help from experts in my field, try to see how they would handle what I am going through or improve themselves every day.

Sometimes you just have to see what the experts are doing and try following their steps with your own bounce, or not.

Below, I will mention five things that Instagram experts do that make them who they are... phenomenons! It took a while to notice these big things about them but I did.

The thing is that Instagram experts are like the Beatles or Elton John of the whole Instagram game — STARS — and this is how they shine: 


They listen to their audience

They know that their audience is their foundation and that without them they are practically nothing, just talent without recognition which is kinda sad.

Instagram experts carefully listen to what their audience wants and says so that they can extract as much information from that and work it in their advantage.

They set clear goals

The more specific the goal, the better. That way they can easily see if what they are doing is wasting their time or pushing them into the right direction.

Lemme just drop an example here:

Imagine if your goal is to increase your followers on Instagram. Technically speaking, if you increase your following by two followers, you have reached your goal.

You wouldn't be happy if that happened to you, right?


Instead of just saying that you want to increase your number of followers, why not specify it by saying that you want to get 300 more followers by the end of the month?

That sounds better, right?


They track and analyse the important data

In order to see if they are succeeding, social media marketers track and analyse a bunch of info, important info.

Its importance depends on the goals they have set for themselves -- GOALS are important, people.

They breakdown their goals and analyse them, and if something isn't working as it should, they just adjust it.

If you are just showering your audience with content without measuring it's effectiveness, baby what are you doing?

They engage and connect with their audience

Engagement is crucial.

Listening to their audience is just one part of the game; they also care about building strong relationships with them and crossing the just-followers bridge.

I, for one, like interacting with my audience because I feel like I just need to know better the people that see something interesting in me.

Whenever they just like my picture, I like to DM them even if it means just saying good morning or a simple thank you.

It makes me happy and it probably makes them feel special.

Their comments are also lit, so it's cool when we chat on my comment sections or something.


They focus on the quality, not the quantity  

There’s no use in you publishing five posts per day, fifteen insta stories in an hour and an IGTV video each day if they have a terrible — beyond imagination — quality.

They know that publish content with a lot of quality wins the hearts of their audience rather than publishing a gazillion posts that serve no value and are just piling up their audience’s feed. 

I, for one, would be pissed if a blogger published around ten common quotes, per day, that they found on Pinterest or Tumblr just to keep us engaged. Peach, that will makes us run for the hills. 


They make their captions work  

Instagram captions are freaking precious, peaches. P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S!!!

They are a chance for you to score your next email subscriber or customer if you use properly.  

Every blogger should know that to make your Captions actually work for you, you have to root a CTA in them with a strong and valuable message. 

It should go like this:

Persuavise intro + Valuable message + Clear CTA

To male sure that you have a really good one that it’s clear, opt for a short caption where you write only the essentials you need your audience to know before they follow with your CTA. 

A CTA can be about turning your audience into leads by telling them to follow the link in your bio to find a little surprise or just tell your audience to drop their opinion after they have read your caption. 

My captions usually revolve around asking questions at the end of the message or directing my audience to follow a link in my bio.

Sometimes I will just tell them to drop a heart in the comment section if they agreed with a quote I shared or whatever I just wrote as a caption.  

So to make things clear, you should follow these little hidden secrets of any expert blogger to help you grow your Instagram audience and influence. 

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