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Before you jump right into this wonderful and lowkey community for young women, there are a few things that you must know and/or abide to:


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If you do sign up to become a member, you are agreeing to the policies mentioned above. 

Values and Commitments

To become one of our members, there are a few general values and commitments you must respect and these are:


In order to grow and us helping you do so, you need to be honest about things. Always.


The key to everything is love. Be loving to your peers and don't spread hate. 


Don't disclose the information your fellow members will share. What's shared here, stays here.


Everyone needs some words of encouragement sometimes. Be the one to brighten someone's day. 


Everyone is fighting their own battles so be kind, at all times. 


To make our community more beneficial for you, you need to interact with it. 

Safety Recommendations

The internet is a place full of fun, informational and educational wonders. But, it's also a place where people are, like, literally scavenging for others' information to cause harm to benefit themselves. 

To avoid being a whole major target of those who wanna do you wrong, here are a few safety recommendations when it comes to being a member of the site:


To become a member, you only need to add your name and email. Avoid adding extra information such as your home address and phone number. 


Don't share your account details with anyone. 


Don't go around sharing your social security information. Even though I thrive to make this a safe place, I can't guarantee 100% safety.


For good measure, log off every time you are done using your account. 

How to sign up

So, now you know all the jits and jats of the community, and you are so hyped to join it.


I got your back!


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AGAIN: Sign up by clicking on the icon above, not by giving away your email below.

One more thing:

To be able to enjoy all the perks of becoming a member of this website, it's best if you: 


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Enjoy the site!