About the blog

This blog was built for all new and small female bloggers who want to start and/or grow their dream blogs on a small budget that won’t leave them bankrupt.

If you are reading this and are one of those women, thank the Lord for finding my blog because here, in your new home, you will learn how to start a blog from scratch and grow it into the brand only limited by your imagination.

You won’t need to waste big bucks to start — crazy, I know! — and, with time and effort (your main investments), you will become one of the fierce and independent women that will dominate the business world.

Can I get a Hala for that?

Show them you’re fierce, independent and hellbent on being a boss!
— Nicole Rungo

About the blogger


Hi, peach, I’m Nicole Rungo, the mind, heart, soul and body behind this community plus blog centered on the upbringing of new bloggers like yourself.

I’ve been in the blogging for money and influence game for years and I have seen enough trends come and go to a point that I know how this game is played and how we can thrive while playing it.


Currently calling Maputo my home, I consider myself to be a minimalist who’s into everything eco-friendly, photo-worthy and authentic.

Ooh, I’m a dog lover since birth, peaches, and that ain’t changing… Sorry cat lovers.


My values

I value quite a few things that I take extremely personal and these are just the main ones:

Honesty * Kindness * Respect * Boldness

Sportsmanship * Simplicity * Leadership

About us

Yes, I’m speaking of you and I, and how we will help each other grow — I have plenty of room for growth, peaches — and how we will make your journey to success much softer than you had imagined to be possible.

I’m talking about helping you achieve that financial freedom that sounds like a far-fetched dream or just some fantasy subject that only top gamers (entrepreneurs and bloggers) know what it is.

I’ve read a book called 12 Weeks Year (affiliate link) and it teaches people how to accomplish more in twelve weeks what most accomplish in twelve months — or even more! That said, I want you to be able to learn something from me, each week, that will help you inch closer to that financial freedom dream.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, I’ll make sure that you receive valuable content that you can practice throughout the week and achieve your milestones to success. I’m talking about resources like free printables — you like free stuff, right? — Instagram and Pinterest marketing tips, blogging and entrepreneurship and so much freaking more.

I’m pretty much going to be busting my heart out for your own success, for your own greatness and that’s worth it because building the next generation of lion-hearted and ambitious women is what I want to do. It’s what I’m going to do.

What are you going to do?

  • Wait for success to knock on your door and realise that it ain’t happening? Or;

  • Be the next blogger babe to grace our world?

If you yelled “HELL YEAH” to the latter, I’m already praising you, girl, and all you have to do to be a step closer to that dream is to join the community crafted by bloggers like you, a place filled with new blogging opportunities, brand deals and collaborations, and a whole lot of interesting discussions between amazing peaches like yourself.

To be part of a community hoardering amazing opportunities for you, just sign up to be part of it by subscribing to the newsletter below and be notified of new deals, opportunities and discussions on a regular basis.

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