What do I do?

I write

From blog posts to fiction novels all the way to brain dumping, I just love to write and I believe I am pretty good at it. 

I draw

More like I draw and paint, digital. I tend to shift more to character design but, in this blog, there are a bunch of other types of illustrations.

What's the blog about?

This blog is a whole cocktail of things that truly matter to me and that I am happy to share with you, in hopes that whatever I write here will help you in your Christian journey, your relationship with God, your maturity/growth and pretty much in making life more enjoyable and simpler. 

I have created this blog with young women in mind for, at the moment, I am a young Christian woman myself but, it is subject to change as I grow. 

Bear in mind that this is me writing to you and to me, and things that I have written here are based on my understanding of things and it is totally up to you to decide to apply those understandings to your life. 

People interpret things differently sometimes, even when it comes to the Bible, so, don't just rely on what you read here. Carry further researches, ask questions, read a bunch of stuff and just educate yourself more. 

And don't forget to enjoy life.


Hey, there!

The name is Rungo. Nicole Rungo.

Born in Mozambique in a, um, somewhat complex family, I'm an artist, blogger and writer. Oh, I also talk a lot and hate functions that are too formal. Hate anything that's too formal actually. 


I always wanted to start a blog that would help me share my passions and also help me earn a living while doing so. So, here we are, years after failing to be a social media marketing blogger, a vaguely expressive personal blogger and so forth. 

Now I have found out what I truly want to do, what I believe God wants me to do, and I am sharing that with you and anyone who wants to take a look at it.

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