Rungo. Nicole Rungo it's the name.

Born in Mozambique in a, um, somewhat complex family, I'm an artist, blogger and writer. Oh, I also talk a lot and hate functions that are too formal. Hate anything that's too formal actually. 


I always wanted to start a blog that would help me share my passion and also help me earn a living while doing so (Can't really stand the thought of being someone's employee). So, here we are, years after failing to be a social media marketing blogger, a vaguely expressive personal blogger and so forth. 

Now I have found out what I truly want to do, what I believe God wants me to do, and I am sharing that with you and anyone who wants to take a look at it.


I'm here to get young women from beautiful creatures who lack self-love, self-confidence and self-worth to the ones who are proud of the skin they wear and the heart they share with the world. 

I'm here to share my thoughts and stories on how young women can grow to love Jesus and through Him love themselves more every day.  On how young women can take the concept of self-care to whole other level and how they can just glow and grow.

So, puddin', I'd say let's get you ready for a major maturity glow up, in the precious name of Jesus Christ.

Let's be friends.

It's like signing up to a Facebook made only for young females. 

Oh, and it's totally free!

©2020 by Nicole Rungo.