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I’'m so glad you dropped by — even if it was by mistake — because this means that you have just taken a huge leap into starting and growing the blog of your dreams without going bankrupt. Are you ready to be the blogger you have always dreamed of?

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Who am I?

I’m Nicole Rungo, not much of a surprise there, a 17y.o. multi-passionate plus ambivert blogger from Mozambique.

A huge dreamer in a little body, seeking to make a difference by providing value to the many and living life according to her rules.

I’ve founded a digital agency that didn’t work for so long a a blog that I wasn’'t so passionate about until this one came and gave me more purpose in life.

I’ve created this blog for all aspiring and newbie bloggers out there that want to make it BIG with their blogs and live off of it while doing what they love.


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